How to establish eaves

How to establish eaves

Today for attaching of curtains such variety of eaves is used that eyes run up at their choice. But generally they are subdivided into ceiling and wall. What eaves you will fix to specific window, depends on design of window, type of curtains and on your preferences.

It is required to you

  • - Eaves
  • - Pencil
  • - Ruler
  • - Level
  • - Set of fastenings
  • - Electric drill
  • - Screw-driver


1. Wall eaves suit the majority of standard windows and to fix them much more simply. Upon purchase you will be able to choose between the wooden classics and modern plastic eaves strengthened from within by aluminum pipe.

2. Decide at first on the sizes of future eaves. At the same time it is necessary to proceed from the sizes of window and weight of curtains. It is better if the eaves support window limits of centimeters on 20-25 from each party. The curtain is heavier, the more thickly there has to be pipe. Do not forget that the eaves will play also decorative role therefore choose such which will approach your interior more.

3. The above there will be fastenings, the is more spacious and the room will look more harmoniously. Besides the eaves should not prevent opening and closing of window, and the curtains hanging on it have to defend slightly from radiator.

4. Try to use the elements which are included in the delivery package for fastening. Make sure that they are intended for twisting in material of which your walls are made.

5. By means of ruler draw horizontal line over window. Normal construction level will help to observe horizontal position to you. Pencil note places of fastening of future brackets.

6. By means of electric drill and suitable drill drill in slot wall, insert into each of them on dowel and attach brackets screws.

7. Insert eaves pipe into brackets so that from both outer sides of eaves there was about one ring. It will allow curtains to hang in the future on the places, but not to bunch in the middle.

8. If the window is wider than two meters, on the center of eaves it will be required to establish additional bracket for ensuring stability of design.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team