How to clean leather sofa

How to clean leather sofa

Skin – magnificent panel material just for decoration. It differs in durability, fine functional performance and fascinating beauty. The leather sofa always looks expensively, elegantly, monumentally. Care for upholstery from skin – the most elementary. And if there was trouble and the upholstery was soiled – it is possible to clean it.


1. Something is spilled by ZhidkostEsli on sofa – liquid should be removed immediately until it has spread and has managed to get into filler. If wine was the spilled liquid – the spot should be eliminated immediately. For this purpose wine should be got wet with fabric, napkin, paper towel, and then to wipe with cotton fabric which is moistened in weak spirit solution.

2. Spots of coffee, tea, gryazyeta types of spots are removed normal soap solution. Soft circular motions (not rubbing!) the spot is cleaned from leather upholstery with the tampon, the wetted in soap solution. Then the damp spot is dried by dry fabric.

3. Emergence of chewing gum on furniture upholstery – accident. In any case, most of people, having seen this ugly blyamba on furniture or own clothes, begin to break hands. Everything is not so terrible. At least, from leather upholstery chewing gum is removed elementary. For this purpose ice is extracted from the freezing chamber of the fridge, put in plastic bag and put to the stuck chewing gum. After chewing gum has stiffened – easy to scrape off it any blunt object.

4. The felt-tip pen, ball ruchkasled perfectly moves away from ball pen by means of normal adhesive tape. The adhesive tape is pasted on stroke from the handle, then densely pressed then accurately remove. The trace moves away from felt-tip pen by means of the cotton wool, the wetted in alcohol, or special means for skin cleaning.

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