How to grow up linden

How to grow up linden

The linden is one of the most flexible, capable to adapt to any living conditions tree. She can be met in the form of large tree and in the form of bush. Each person can grow up linden. Special skills and abilities are not required.


1. The linden can breed vegetativno, by means of special underground escape. In this case it will "creep away" under canopy of the wood. This plant can grow almost in any soil conditions. Cultivation of large saplings in nursery will require about two years.

2. If you have decided to be engaged in cultivation of linden fine-leaved or other types, then it will be necessary to execute special preseeding processing of seeds. If not to sustain damp seeds about 3 months at temperature of 0 °, then they just will not ascend. For ensuring normal viability of seeds it is necessary to be engaged in landing in the fall. Also sometimes seeds maintain in boxes with sawdust. Exactly there they will ascend. For storage of seeds it is necessary to stock up with glacier. The glacier is cellar in which on walls the ice layer is formed in the winter. Temperature in it has to be about 0 ° at this time. Seeds also have to be in boxes with sawdust. After this preparation it is already forbidden to dry up them. Otherwise they will die.

3. It should be noted, some types of linden are somewhat whimsical. The fact is that it is necessary to carry out preseeding preparation correctly. Also the linden has big sensitivity to late spring frosts. Shoots which appear to these frosts perish. Small seedlings of linden very hard transfer change. It is necessary to be engaged in change of annual seedlings only in the spring. Autumn change is transferred much more difficult.

4. It is necessary to sow seeds rows at distance of 20 centimeters from each other. Grooves in which there are sowed linden seeds need to be covered with soil layer. The soil surely has to be damp. Therefore before crops it is the best of all to water it. Crops are recommended to be covered with temporary small greenery. It is possible to make it of normal film.

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