How to grow up litopsa

How to grow up litopsa

The name of succulent — litops — has come from the Greek word that in translation means "stone". Really leaves of this unusual plant remind small pebbles to 5 cm in the diameter.

Types of litops

In the nature more than 40 types of "live stone" meet (so in the people call litops). The plant is 2 leaves separated by slot. From it new couples of leaves and peduncle appear subsequently.

Flowers of litops are similar to daisies.

Litops ryzhegolovy - forms group of identical leaflets of brownish-yellowish color. Coloring of flowers — white. Leaves of litops tonkolineychaty are covered with pattern from graceful lines. Litops spread wide forms group of leaves, the different sizes up to 3 cm high. Leaves of this plant are a little slanted in upper part, on surface - big gray-green spots. During blossoming quite big yellow flowers appear. Each type of litops on the is interesting and unique.

Cultivation of litops

The plant, as well as many other species of succulents, - is unpretentious. Very much loves easy sandy soils. Grow up live stones in ready substrate for succulents to which add a little sand and small pebbles.

On bottom of flat dish fill drainage as stagnation of moisture affects perniciously plant. Then fill soil. Replace litops, bought in shop, in this mix, and from above fill small pebbles. Subsequently to replace plant there is no need, litops can grow on one place of 10-15 years.

Do change of litops only when it has completely occupied pot.

During the winter period the dormant period at dry contents and quite low temperature about 10-12 °C is necessary for plant. In the summer — you take out litops on opened air at moderate temperature as for full development it needs good solar lighting. Watering is required to plant moderate, and in winter time (during condition of rest the watering should be stopped absolutely). In general litops itself shows when moisture is necessary for it. If leaves dense, then it is not necessary to water if they became soft and wrinkled, the plant needs water. During growth feed up litops complex fertilizer for cacti and succulents once a month.

Reproduction of litops

Sheet shanks the plant does not breed, sometimes it is possible to grow up new copies if to separate litops into several sockets. But the most normal way is reproduction by seeds. Plant seeds in the early spring in March or April. Spread out seeds on the surface of the soil. Spray them with water from spray and cover pot with glass. When there are seedlings, water them by means of the pipette at the roots, trying that water has not got on leaves. Small plants reach the adult's size approximately in 1-1.5, then begin to grow very slowly.

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