How to grow up pansies

How to grow up pansies

Pansies – perennial cultural plant with various palette of color of flowers. The main feature of pansies – abundant and earlier blossoming. To grow up this plant and to look after it simply and very pleasantly.


1. Now boarding. Pansies seeds in in advance processed soil land. Shoots appear for 5-12 day from the moment of disembarkation. The sword-play of seedling needs to be made in time, without allowing development and pulling of seedlings. Land this plant species better in the early spring, covering with film for blossoming acceleration.

2. Leaving. The soil on which pansies grow needs to be loosened and weeded regularly.

3. Fertilizers. Seedling of pansies it is useful to feed up superphosphate and ammonium nitrate. It is possible to buy these substrates in the specializing shops. You remember: this plant species does not transfer manure as means of fertilizer.

4. Light. Pansies perfectly feel in warm solar territories. They perfectly grow in such conditions, forming bright and large flowers. In shadow the flowers grow much more small and more faintly.

5. Reproduction. The most widespread way of reproduction of pansies – vegetative way. It is effective, simple and allows to receive large number of planting stock for one summer. Shanks prepare in May-June. For reproduction choose final escapes with 2-3 knots. Disembarkation of shanks is made on depth of 1-2 cm. After landing shanks it is necessary it is abundant to water. At early reproduction the pansies blossom in the summer or in the early fall.

6. Watering. It is necessary to water this plant species daily and moderate amount of water. It is not necessary to fill in flowers as it can lead to rotting of root system and defeat by different types of diseases.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team