How to grow up tomato honey

How to grow up tomato honey

The tomato is popular vegetable in the world. South America is considered its homeland. This culture has valuable and nutritious qualities, it for 93% consists of water, does not contain cholesterol and is rich with cellulose. Now there are more than two thousand grades of culture from which distinguish the most sweet, for example, "Honey Saviour", "Honey giant" and others.


1. To grow up tomato honey, buy seeds. Upon purchase surely read the description, the grade can not be suitable simply for cultivation in your area, for example, the grade "Honey and sugar" perfectly is suitable for northern areas, and "Honey drop" for southern.

2. At first prepare seeds. For this purpose make the potassium permanganate solution divorced till dark cherry color. Place seeds in the sack made of fabric. Lower them in solution for twenty minutes, after that carefully wash with water.

3. Then place seeds for 12 hours in the solution made of liter of water and teaspoon to nitrophoska. After that dip sack into clear otstoyanny water for 10 hours.

4. The next stage – hardening of seeds. For this purpose place them on the lower shelf of the fridge and leave for two days. From time to time sprinkle them water, it is necessary in order that the tomato has not dried up.

5. In March sow seeds on seedling. For this purpose in box make grooves through each 5 cm. Plant seeds on depth of 2-3 cm. For landing use special soil. Remember that the soil have to be slightly damp.

6. After disembarkation cover capacity with film and put to the solar warm place. Every day open film for couple of minutes as seedling needs airing. After rising of seedlings surely turn them the different parties to the sun, it is necessary in order that they were not extended in one party.

7. In March water seedling three times – right after emergence of seedlings, 10 days later after watering and in three hours prior to sword-play. Water have to be otstoyanny and warmish.

8. Carry out sword-play of seedlings in stage of 3-4 real leaflets. Per day before disembarkation you oprysnit plants growth biostimulant, for example, zircon or epiny.

9. Plant seedlings to the earth so that cotyledonous leaflets did not lie on the surface of soil. After that remove seedling from windowsill to more dark place. Water plant once a week. Week later feed up plant fertilizer, for example, superphosphate and nitrophoska. Surely temper seedling, periodically opening window leaf.

10. Not heavy soils differing in high fertility are suitable for honey grades of tomato. If you want to grow up culture in the greenhouse, plant seedling in April; if in hotbed – in May. If you have chosen tall grade, surely tie up tomatoes to lanes. After disembarkation to the open ground regularly water plant.

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