How to install the counter in the apartment

How to install the counter in the apartment

Instructions to electric meters establish the maximum term of operation of the device no more than 10 years. For this reason for many owners not of new houses there is need for its replacement. But in order that to change it, it is necessary will address in a row special supervisory authorities.


1. Shops of home appliances offer wide choice of electric counters, they can be electronic and mechanical. On any counter of the consumed electricity, the seller of shop has to issue the sheet of compliance to state standard specification, only at its availability it, the device will be entered in the register of power supervision.

2. After purchase is issued, it is necessary to address to regional or city office of power supervision. This body exercises control on consumption of electricity by the population. In office of establishment it is necessary to write the application addressed to the chief, about need of replacement of the counter. Together with this statement it is necessary to pay the state fee.

3. Together with all documents it is necessary to show the passport of the electric device which you have received in shop. If all provided information suits supervisory authority, then coordinate time and date of arrival of the expert with you. Usually it occurs in three-four days. Before its arrival you need to be engaged in reinstallation of the device. If you own skills of handling of electric devices, then can make everything independently. In other cases it is possible to address to various private services.

4. In installation time of the new counter old should not be thrown out. Its data are necessary for recalculation of the sum current month. Therefore postpone it and show to the expert during seal.

5. The controller will come to the appointed day and hour to you. You have to show him the following documents: the receipt on seal service payment, the passport of compliance of the device to the state standard specification standards, the last receipt for electricity. On the basis of these papers and also at the correct connection of the device there will be setting of the device on accounting.

6. Having registered old and new data, to you will make recalculation of the sum for the electric power, and next months you to pay bat according to new indications.

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