How to level threshold

How to level threshold

Agree that the uneven threshold looks not esthetically, but it is only half the problem … The fact is that from under leaky applying outer door the stream of cold air because of what bigger consumption of energy for heating of the room is required comes to the apartment. The condensing profile not only will close the slot which is available between threshold and outer door, but also will level threshold.

It is required to you

  • — screw-driver;
  • — level;
  • — silicone adhesive;
  • — hacksaw;
  • — sealant;
  • — mill;
  • — adhesive tape;
  • — clamp;
  • — tape measure;
  • — fret saw;
  • — preparation;
  • — screws with countersunk heads;
  • — traffic jams;
  • — varnish or paint;
  • — brush.


1. It is reasonable to use such element in case length of slot is no more than 9 centimeters, and width – 12 cm. To close such slot, the outer door has to adjoin to sealing profile.

2. In those places where it is difficult to screw sealant, it is pasted to floor, using for this purpose silicone adhesive.

3. Apply silicone on surface, and from above put profile and cargo. Silicone adhesive has to hold profile on all its surface.

4. By means of adhesive tape record protective plate for persistent pin.

5. In that case if the old threshold cannot already be saved, dismantle it. Then by means of tape measure measure threshold on box inside, having added to the received result several millimeters (for adjustment).

6. Measure this size on template and cut off preparation by means of the fret saw. After that adjust threshold aflush with box, and cut off his acting edge. Then slightly grind edge of future threshold.

7. After all these procedures fix threshold by screws with countersunk heads (on one screw at distance of 10 cm from edge of threshold and one screw in the middle). Muffle openings over heads by means of the special traffic jams put on glue (as soon as glue dries up, accurately file traffic jams, having made even them to threshold level).

8. Upon completion of these works paint threshold or open it with varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team