How to look after garden in July

How to look after garden in July

July – the middle of summer, the hottest season. During this period of plant on the garden site more than ever require care. Watering, fertilizing, mulching of the soil is small list of what the gardener should do on the site in July.

It is abundant water plants. It is better to do it in the evening, as a last resort in the morning, but not in the afternoon because water will quickly evaporate and the dried-up soil will crack. After watering it is desirable to loosen or zamulchirovat the soil well.

Such perennials as peonies, lilies, by July, as a rule, already fade. At them there comes the calm period when flower kidneys next year begin to be formed. To facilitate and strengthen this forming, it is necessary to feed up plants the complex fertilizer containing potassium and phosphorus. It is the best of all to make it thus: to dig out ring groove around perennials, to fill up with uniform layer in it fertilizers, it is good to water and cover with earth.

Usually bulbs of tulips dig out in June. If the gardener for some reason has not managed to make it, it is necessary to try to dig out them at the beginning of July. In July the rough blossoming of phloxes begins. It is desirable to feed up before it them complex fertilizer. If on the site the delphinium grows, then it is possible to achieve its repeated blossoming in August. For this purpose it is necessary to cut off deflowered stalks not higher than 20 cm above the ground, and then it is abundant to water with addition of complex fertilizer. Some gardeners grow up roses. Just in the middle of the summer these magnificent plants especially magnificently blossom. To save them from infectious diseases, it is regularly necessary to delete sick leaves, to carefully weed weeds and to loosen the soil around rosebushes. After watering it is better to mulch the soil. On those sites where there are decorative lawns, it is necessary to cut the grass regularly. Try that the remained grass had height not less than 5 cm, otherwise at strong heat the soil can dry up, and the lawn will lose the beautiful view. In droughty weather it is necessary to water grass daily, it is better in the evening. And watering has to be abundant that the soil has become impregnated with moisture on depth of roots. Surely it is necessary to delete faded flowers and inflorescences at annual and perennial plants. If not to make it, then at annual plants flower kidneys will badly develop because on formation of seeds the part of useful substances leaves, and at perennials the blossoming will sharply worsen.

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