How to look after the blossoming cactus

How to look after the blossoming cactus

The special charm is given to cactus by its blossoming therefore both for the fan, and for the professional pleasantly that its cactus has decided to blossom. But there is natural question - whether demands plant during this period of special care?

Care for cacti depending on their look

Both on exterior, and according to requirements to growth conditions all cacti are various as they initially grew in different climate. But all from them reserve moisture in the stalk and reluctantly leave it, maintaining quite long time without watering.

Forest cacti it is from tropical forests where they grow under trees and on trees. Are widespread in room floriculture the Decembrist, or zygocactus, both ripsalidopsis and epifillyum. All three do not love bright, direct sunlight, preferring disseminated, all three blossom, unlike other cacti, in the winter. Them follows pritenyat from the sun and to arrange them in the fall dormant period, and during blossoming to move less pots with them.

Desert cacti really it is from hot deserts and love the scorching sun. In care for them you should not forget also about temperature drops which are also usual for the desert and without which these cacti will not blossom. Within a day they can sustain uniform temperature and to get used to it, but if them to leave without cold, up to 0 wasps, to see winterings, blossoming chances a little. Treat desert cacti ekhinopsis, cereus, chamaecereus, astrofitum, the parody, rebutia and notokaktus.

The general rules for the blossoming cacti

During blossoming which begins as soon as the cactus puts buds the care for it comes down to watering and care as many cacti dump buds and even turn them into children if their pot constantly something disturbs. As a rule, buds are formed on shady side of pot and if to turn them to light, can fall down. During blossoming the cacti leave the hibernation, and after blossoming the stage of active growth begins. Therefore as soon as flowers have blossomed, the cactus begins to be watered, otherwise it will spend too many forces for blossoming and will hurt then. From bright sun the cacti which begin to blossom are recommended to be removed. Except watering, cacti quite often spray, and it is the procedure, very useful to them, and nevertheless it it is not recommended to carry out, cactus in buds so far. From cold drops it can throw off buds, and the water passing through spray is always strongly cooled. Faded inflorescences need to be deleted in due time if is only not planned to raise fruit with seeds. Lobes at cacti though gentle, but most often rather fleshy and therefore decay can spread on them very quickly. For desert cacti after they have prospered, useful will be to make replacement of soil or even pot.

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