How to maintain purity in the apartment

How to maintain purity in the apartment

To bring ideal order to the apartment though it is difficult, but nevertheless it is possible. It is far more difficult to maintain purity in the house. However and in this respect there are useful tips and recommendations which will help you.


1. One of the main councils in maintenance of regular purity in the apartment is the organization of process. Make the schedule of cleaning indoors and try to adhere to it accurately. For example, we vacuum on Wednesdays and Saturdays, damp cleaning on Mondays and Thursdays. Perhaps, the similar schedule will not solve the main problem with mess in the apartment. However it will be certain incentive to actions in the necessary direction.

2. You keep clothes in order. To same you seek to accustom also the children, the husband, etc. The basic rule – has come, has undressed, has removed into place in cabinet (box). If the thing is soiled, then it is necessary to send it to washing. Quite often occurs so that the dirty and clean clothes one lump accumulate on chair. Thus, the disorder only expands.

3. Daily you watch purity in the apartment. Will not take a lot of time you to carry out daily duties, such as, accurately to hang up outerwear, after meal to wipe dining table, to wipe dust or after each washing to opoloskat bathtub. However it will create finally purity and order indoors.

4. Watch contents of the cabinet. Bring to yourself to habit, at least once during season to touch the things. Be not sorry to give the clothes which have got out of fashion, knowing that hardly you still at least once will dress it. Especially it concerns those things which you have not touched for the last year more than once. The worn-out clothes can be thrown out simply. It concerns also old covers, blankets and pillows.

5. Do not forget to check effective life of products which are stored in refrigeration chamber. You should not organize experiments, on cultivation of new bacteria. By the way, it concerns also the freezing chamber. If you do not remember what is stored in the frozen package and since what time, throw out. Remember: health is more important.

6. If in the apartment there lives cat or dog, do not forget to watch pet. Especially, if it fades. By the way, animal toilet have also no self-cleaning function. Do not forget to change regularly filler and use special air freshener.

7. Try to put things in places. For example, has come home from the street, put flat keys in special box or hang up on the key keeper then not to look for them on all house. Most it is possible to tell also about sunglasses, the remote control from the TV, car keys. Each thing has to have certain place.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team