Breakage of the geyser: to change or repair?

Breakage of the geyser: to change or repair?

The geyser - the heating device which still meets in many houses. Generally they have equipped constructions of Khruschev's times - five-floor buildings. On the one hand, such columns are very high-quality heater which as soon as possible heats water. With another, the geyser can easily break. And then becomes the basic and very urgent question - what to do: to repair or change.

The principle of operation of the geyser is quite simple. Via the special heat exchanger which is provided by tube with edges water proceeds. Gas burns outside in special compartment so that heats the water going on the heat exchanger. Temperature is established in advance, besides, it depends also on water pressure in pipes. This pressure is very important for normal functioning of column. If it is not enough, the system of protection of column automatically stops gas supply.

Types of breakages of the geyser

Despite equipment of columns modern security aids, some fault can be shown sooner or later. The most widespread malfunctions are among: - impossibility to light column;

- ignition with cottons; - lack of supply of gas; - emergence of smell of gas during the work of column; - weak heating of water in column.

At emergence of any given fault it is necessary to call experts - masters from service of gas. The risk at independent repair is high to make something not so that as a result can lead to the tragedy.

In spite of the fact that the professional has to accept all decisions - to repair or change - on column, it is possible to learn how to behave if there was typical failure. So, for example, in case the geyser is not lit, it is necessary to check first of all draft in flue. For this purpose it is necessary just to light match and to bring it to well in column. If the flame to deviate, so the draft is, and the malfunction reason in something another. If there is no draft, most likely the flue was hammered with soot, and it needs to be cleaned.

Remember that it is necessary to work with matches near the geyser very accurately. Do not thrust it in column, and do not try to illuminate to yourself naked flame flue.

Discharge of batteries can become one more reason for which the column is not lit. Naturally, it is in this situation ridiculous and absolutely inexpedient to speak about replacement of column. It is rather simple to change accumulators. To repair, but not to change column it is necessary and in case it is not lit because of insufficient pressure of water. Contamination of filters or any other reasons in the system of water supply system becomes normal the reason of it. With this situation you will be able to be helped by only the professional plumber. If the column joins with cottons, it most likely means that the insufficient draft in ventilating well was formed. Discharging of batteries, blockage of elements of column, excessive inflow of gas can become the reason. It is possible to repair fault, having replaced batteries or having called the expert. In most cases replacement of column is not required. Availability of smell of gas - disturbing symptom. At turning on of such water heater should not smell of gas. Therefore if you have felt such fault, at once call gas-men and disconnect column. Will make to repair or change - it the decision only they.

If at turning on of the geyser, the blue spark does not appear, it is also necessary to call experts that they understood the reasons of emergence of such problem.

Bad heating of water, as a rule, is caused or with solid age of column when to it it is banal there is not enough power (in this case only replacement by the modern unit), or the water supply has got littered. Also as the reasons of it still usually call insufficient gas pressure.

Care for column

That the geyser did not become source of constant problems, it is necessary to look after it carefully. Surely regularly examine parts and pipes of column regarding identification of leak. The earlier you will find such shortcoming, the it is more than chances to save column, but not completely to change it. Also try to block gas if you do not use the device. So you will be able to avoid leaks and keep parts in more operating condition. At any breakage at once call experts. Household gas is rather serious substance with which it is necessary to be very careful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team