How to pay communication online

How to pay communication online

Having an electronic equivalent of real money it is possible to make online payments, paying for various goods or services. For storage of this virtual money the virtual wallet is necessary - it can be the account in any electronic system of payments (Yandex Money, WebMoney, PayPal, etc.) or the web interface to your account in real bank (Internet banking).


1. If you have an e-wallet in the system of virtual payments WebMoney, then for communication fee you need to become authorized in the web interface of your purse. It in case of use of WebMoney Keeper Light, and when using WebMoney Keeper Classsic at first it is necessary to start the keeper, having clicked an icon with a sad ant in a tray of a desktop which will offer you an authorization dialog without transition to any websites.

2. Select in the list on the My WebMoney tab of your keeper type of communication services which you need pay - mobile communication, telephony or Internet access. When you click the corresponding link, the page will be open for the choice of the necessary telecom operator from the list relating to your region. Click an icon of the necessary operator.

3. Fill a form which will be presented on the following page. Depending on what service you pay, the maintenance of a form will differ. For example, for payment of plain old telephone service you will need to specify the phone number and the amount of payment. It will be necessary to select one of the available purses with different types of electronic money (WNZ, WMR, WMU, etc.) from which the amount of payment will be written off. Having filled all fields, click the Pay button.

4. Confirm the payment on the following two pages provided to you. It will be for this purpose necessary to enter a check number and if at you the option of confirmation of payments through SMS is included, then to enter also the check code sent by a system by phone.

5. If you use a system Internet bank of the bank account, then it is necessary to begin with authorization, and further actions depend on the device of the web interface of your bank. For example, in the interface of Svyaznoy bank for payment of mobile communication it is necessary to click the link "Cellular communication" in the left column. Links and to payment of stationary phones and the Internet - "City telephone communication, TV, the Internet" are two lines below.

6. Select from the list on the following page of telecom operator necessary to you and click the link "Pay". If you use the interface of Svyaznoy bank, then after that it will be offered to you to specify number of the paid phone (or accounts) and to press Next.

7. Click "Receive the Password" and enter in a text box the single password sent you by the SMS message for confirmation of this operation. On clicking of the corresponding button the payment will be processed and sent to destination.

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