How to make electric heat-insulated floors

How to make electric heat-insulated floors

Now electric heat-insulated floors are alternative to traditional heating. The technology allows to maintain indoors optimum temperature, considerably improving its esthetic properties. Need to mount pipelines disappears by itself.

It is required to you

  • - electric cable;
  • - thermostat;
  • - set of couplings;
  • - damping tape;
  • - plastic pipe;
  • - floor temperature recorder.


1. Determine system power on square meter of the area where mounting of heat-insulated floor will be made. Producers of the ready systems "heat-insulated floors" have special summary tables by which it is possible to determine easily power density, depending on functional purpose of the room. Depending on the received results, get voltage and heating cable.

2. Prepare the place for installation of the thermostat, having equipped opening of the necessary sizes in wall. Install in it box. The thermostat has to be located in 0.5-1 meter from heat-insulated floor. Bring phase, grounding and zero from distribution box to thermostat installation site.

3. By means of chisel or the hammer equip in surface of floor of groove in which place two plastic tubes. One of them is intended for mains leads of heating cable (its length has to correspond to distance from thermostat installation site to floor surface). Length of the second tube – one meter, it is necessary for mounting of the sensor of floor. Stretch mains leads to thermostat box so that the connection sleeve was in concrete tie.

4. Begin mounting of electric heat-insulated floor with alignment of surface on all perimeter of wall. Lay thermal insulation layer, having placed assembly tape on its surface. Subsequently on this film the cable will be recorded. Decide on way of laying – spiral or parallel and depending on it lay assembly tape as appropriate.

5. Start laying of cable, avoiding crossings of its lines. After laying and fastening of cable on assembly tape install the thermostat in the prepared plastic tube. After the end of installation works check operability of system. For this purpose determine resistance of heating cables by tester and compare it to the size specified by "heat-insulated floor" systems producer. The deviation should not exceed 10 percent.

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