How to make partition of foam concrete blocks

How to make partition of foam concrete blocks

Durability and durability of designs under construction depends on the correct attitude towards technology and that, works will be performed how accurately. If experience is not enough, and everything is going to be done without involvement of experts, it is desirable to consider before the beginning all stages separately and as much as possible in detail.

The popularity was won recently by the partitions built from foam concrete blocks. Material is attractive, thanks to the characteristics and walls from it turn out strong and quite equal.

Characteristics of material

Foam concrete blocks have such remarkable qualities as heat preservation and good sound insulation. If to compare to bricks, at foam concrete block density is a little less, but both the weight of design, and load of the basis is lost, and it is of special value for private construction. The turned-out surface easily is exposed to finishing, and the cost of foam concrete blocks is low.

Material shortcomings – porosity and big ease because of which you should not even begin attachment of cabinet or the shelf to wall. Finishing materials, such as primer and putty, it will be required more – they will be absorbed in large quantities during time.

Blockwork from foam concrete blocks

Construction of partition requires material in enough, glue for connection of blocks, construction tools, polyurethane foam. The marking has to be at first executed – for this purpose it is necessary to define the place, future wall has to be located where exactly then to apply flat lines on floor, ceiling and the existing walls. It can be done with use of the painting thread. This stage is necessary in order that on the basis of lines of marking it was possible to build equal partition which will not be curved in several places. If there is no special experience in performance of work such, use of guides is necessary. It can be, for example, timber frame construction which should be established along the marking lines. It is possible to pull fishing line, rope by means of which it will be possible to level the middle of laying in addition. Further preparation of the basis, and also those places where the partition will adjoin is carried out. They are smoothed out, if necessary leveled, carry out processing by primer. After that it is possible to start also construction. Dissolve glue according to the instruction printed on packing. The consistence has to be average on density. Begin to spread wall, being guided by guides. The vertical position and horizontal position of wall can be checked, using construction level. Each of blocks should be pressed well to the next block and to the previous row. So in the future it will be possible to avoid significant shrinkage. Begin to spread the first row from the whole foam concrete block and following – from half. So the laying "vrazbezhka", that is in chessboard order turns out. The partition thus develops necessary strength. When you reach ceiling, it is necessary to suspend work a little to allow wall to dry out. For this purpose couple of days is required. After drying-out it is possible to carry out finishing. The gap between ceiling and wall should be closed up some material with good elasticity which will be able to smooth deformations and fluctuations. Well polyurethane foam will approach. It is only necessary to handle it more accurately not to go too far in quantity.

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