How to make wheelbarrow

How to make wheelbarrow

The wheelbarrow is irreplaceable subject in economy if you have owner-occupied dwelling or giving. But it is inexpedient to buy new wheelbarrow in shop sometimes, in view of its high cost. Therefore it can be made most.

It is required to you

  • - wheel;
  • - steel rod;
  • - two thin bars of 40х60 in size;
  • - one thick bar of 80х90 in size;
  • - long nails or bolts;
  • - drill;
  • - boards of 20 mm in thickness;
  • - bars of 50x50 in size.


1. For a start it is necessary to pick up wheel for wheelbarrow. The wheel from iron, integral, without needles and having rubber rim will be the best option. The wheel from baby carriage or the bicycle having in the diameter of 25-30 centimeters will quite fit.

2. To establish wheel, it is necessary to take out previously from it axis with bearings instead of which it is necessary to use steel rod, is couple millimeters thinner, than opening in wheel under axis. It will allow it to rotate freely, without jamming at the same time.

3. After that we do fork in which the wheel will be fixed. It consists of three wooden bars. Two of them thin, 40x60 in size – between them the wheel, the third thick – 80x90 will be established, on it other parts will fasten.

4. We connect bars among themselves by means of long nails or bolts. On the end of bars two openings for wheel axle are drilled, at the same time diameter of openings gets out to couple of millimeters less than diameter of axis. Edges of fork can be upholstered with tin from all directions, it will allow to make wheelbarrow of more durable. Before fastening bars of which the fork consists it is necessary to insert wheel axle. Bars have to be made of firm species of tree, for example of oak.

5. After that we do framework and bottom of the cart. For bottom we use boards of 20 mm in thickness. And for framework bars of 50x50 in size. We collect front and back parts of framework then to them we attach bottom, and we also connect bars upper parts. Assembly is carried out by nails, but it is possible to use also self-tapping screws. The received framework design is sheathed sheets of iron or plastic from all directions. From below attach fork with wheel.

6. For production of handles use bars of 50x50 in size. From one edge at them cut edges, giving round shape, and the surface is shkurit. Then they are fastened to wheelbarrow bottom. Legs do of bars 50x50 too and beat them to framework.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team