How to mount ceiling panels

How to mount ceiling panels

Ceiling panels enjoy wide popularity now. It is not difficult to mount independently them. Installation can be carried out by two ways: to paste plates on surface or to fix on furring.


1. For a start bring panels to the room and let's them acclimatize. On it about 24 hours leave. Surely open packing. Establish plates so that longitudinal welds were located in the same direction with light falling from window. If indoors equal ceilings, paste panels on surface. If on ceiling there are defects, make under them furring.

2. Surely be engaged in planning. Measure room width from wall to wall. Separate the received size into 28. If the equal number has not turned out, it is necessary to cut and adjust one panel. Have the cut-off material in the first or last row. Cut off the panel precisely by the size. Further measure room length. After that think and decide how you want to arrange panels of rather longitudinal welds.

3. You pass to installation of furring. The distance between centers of rails has to be exactly 28 cm. Rail width in this case has to be more than 5 cm. You can make furring of wooden rails or metalwork. By means of metalwork it is much simpler to level ceiling. Fix furring to the directing profile. For this purpose use long self-tapping screws.

4. Further be engaged directly in installation of ceiling panels. Use the stapler or finishing nails. If you have decided to mount material on old ceiling surface, then make sure that paper clips or nails well keep in the basis of basic covering. For work use nails or paper clips more than 14 cm long. For swamping of paper clips — air gun. In this case they will not fail in connection.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team