How to part lupine in garden

How to part lupine in garden

Lupine – perennial plant which is capable to decorate any garden or flower bed. Besides that this flower is very beautiful, it also is useful. The lupine is capable to enrich the soil with nutrients and to improve its structure. Lupine flowers on coloring are different: white and yellow, orange and pink, red and crimson, blue and violet. Even two-color grades are removed: white-blue, yellow-blue, orange-red, etc.

The lupine is unpretentious to the choice of the soil. Well grows on loams, can grow even on sand. The main thing that the soil has been well trained, and the place which is rather lit.

The lupine seeds and vegetativno breeds. It is necessary to consider that at seed reproduction the coloring of flower can not remain. Most often violet color turns out. To keep grade, it is necessary to make multiple copies shanks.

At seed reproduction the seeds can be sowed in the early spring, right after thawing of snow in the soil prepared since fall. At such way the lupine will blossom the next year. It is possible to seed seeds towards the winter, at the end of October. In this case seeds will ascend in the early spring and the plant in August of this year will blossom.

At vegetative reproduction use shanks or division of side escapes which are formed at three-year bushes and are more senior. For this purpose at the basis of stalk cut out renewal kidneys with part of root and put in the shaded place. Approximately in month the young plants will have full-fledged roots and lupines it is possible to replace to the constant place. This way of reproduction needs to be carried out after blossoming of plant.

Care for lupine is not difficult. It is timely watering, scarification around bush, removal of weeds. It is useful the next year after landing in the spring plant to feed up mineral fertilizers.

On bed, lawn the lupine well looks groups. It is successfully combined with irises, astilby, with lilies, with garden camomile. In 3-4 years the lupine should be replaced with young plants. To prolong blossoming term, it is necessary to cut off deflowered inflorescences before seeds are formed.

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