How to pick up sofa

How to pick up sofa

The choice of sofa – business responsible. First of all it has to perform those functions which you want to assign, enter on it on dimensions the place allocated for it and to correspond to your interior. Also important value is the sofa price which you are ready to pay for it, and its quality.


1. Today in points of sale the huge choice of sofas from different producers, various models is provided. The prices also various from cheap sofas the house-keeper – class to elite models.

2. Be defined what sofa is necessary to you. There are angular sofas with the different provision of corner, sofas – transformers which easily turn into the place for dream, ottoman – low and wide sofa without back, small sofas for sitting, big not folding sofas, normal sofas of the book and other models.

3. For transformation of sofa into the place for dream choose sofa – the book, sofa – folding bed, pull-out sofa or sofa – transformer.

4. The sofa – the book is the most popular and reliable type of the mechanism. It can be held in the spread-out or put state and also to display and put often. The sofa – folding bed usually is in the put state and is displayed before going to bed. It is better to choose it when you are going to display it seldom, for example, at arrival of guests. Pull-out sofas, also badly are suitable for constant dismantling. Their mechanisms are not intended to continuous operation, they are created for periodic use. There are round sofas – they are used for appearance and the sofas which are adjusted under the person as automobile chairs.

5. If you cannot be defined what sofa will fit into your interior, then you can address the designer.

6. Sort and collect sofa as far as time. All its mechanisms have to work regularly. Nothing can jam or understand hardly. Examine rollers and guides on which the sofa moves. It is better to choose metal.

7. Examine sofa from below. There you will see timber frame construction. It cannot have mold or dampness. Qualitative sofas make of knotless dry-through wood and cracks.

8. Upon purchase of leather sofa – examine skin. It has to be carefully processed, not have cracks and to be soft to the touch. Rub on it wet towel wipes. If on napkin there were traces, then coloring with skin not strong, so, it will be constantly smeared and lose color.

9. When choosing sofa with covering from material, pay attention to its quality. Well if material is attached to sofa on lightning. It will be easy to look after him. Jacquard serves long and does not fade, Shenill is easily cleaned. Velor quickly wears out. When choosing the sofa fitted by flock know that it cannot be cleaned in the wet way, it on glue basis.

10. Examine sofa filler. The sofa can be filled with polyurethane foam, holofiber or perioteky. Sit and lie down on sofa. Dents there should not be.

11. If you choose sofa from natural wood, check whether is not present on tree of the courses of bugs – drevoyed. If is, then refuse such purchase.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team