How to plant house tulips

How to plant house tulips

Tulips, perhaps, the most widespread flowers on the garden site. Of course, the country of tulips is Holland, but also in Russia these remarkable flowers became very popular, today these flowers differ in specific variety, there are more than 150 grades, and, the majority of grades have the color shade.

It is necessary to plant tulips in the fall – in September, but not in the spring as the majority of cultivated flowers as this bulbous strongly depend on temperature. For good survival enough all only 10-15os it is warm, on the soil – no more than 5 wasps. In the good soil not injured onions will give stalk and flower already next spring. If the plant hurts, then expect blossoming only in year.

Planting stock

Tulips practically at once as soon as snow thaws, that is blossom in the early spring, and decorate your garden prior to the beginning of summer. Before landing of bulb of tulips it is necessary to wet in potassium permanganate to destroy bacteria and to prevent possible diseases of flower.


The bulb of flower needs to be planted on such depth that over put there was place for two others. Tulips prefer good fertile soil. Grown up in the saturated earth they become just delightful. When landing pay attention to consistency of the soil in spite of the fact that grow the flower can in very ascetic conditions, for landing the soil saturated with moisture and oxygen is necessary, and therefore be not too lazy to proboronit ridge.


In order that your tulips had beautiful view and were always healthy, behind them leaving is necessary. Many gardeners recommend to care behind tulips step by step. In the first stage when already from under the earth, green leaflets appear, process beds with tulips ammonium nitrate. Then, when buds will arise, plants will need to be watered with special solution which prepares as follows: 1 tablespoon of sulfate of potassium and urea is dissolved in 10 liters of water. The last - autumn when tulips fade. Deflowered flowers pour down phosphoric mix thanks to what the soil is well fertilized. It is very important not to forget to water these flowers as they are very vlagolyubiva. Water for watering has to be quite warm and otstoyanny. It is necessary to watch that moisture got only on the soil and by no means on leaves of tulips. After tulips fade, it is necessary to break off seed box first of all. If not to make it, then nutrients of bulb will be spent for formation of absolutely unnecessary seeds. For tulips the excavation as it is good prevention against set of diseases is useful. Gardeners recommend to dig out and replace tulips at least once in 4 years.

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