How to receive big harvest

How to receive big harvest

Big harvest – dream of gardeners which various factors prevent to implement, beginning from insufficient experience and finishing with vagaries of the weather. That the number of the grown-up fruit and vegetables was large, regular and correct leaving is necessary.

It is required to you

  • - seeds and seedling;
  • - mineral fertilizers.


1. The good harvest depends on quality of seedling. Try to sow it in time, otherwise it will turn out unimportant that will affect the further growth of plants. If at you it is impossible to grow up strong seedling, buy it in the market or in specialized shops. Pay attention to trunk – it has to be thick, and foliage of saturated color.

2. Buy the calendar for gardeners and gardeners. In it all recommended dates of crops of seedling and planting of plants to the open ground are specified. Some plants, for example cucumbers, garden radish, tomatoes and other, it is necessary to put in the period of unstable temperature condition under ukryvny material.

3. Plants which are in the greenhouse need to be pollinated. For this purpose open part of windows at the time of blossoming that wind and various insects could help with pollination. If rough blossoming comes to an end with subsidence of buds, and ovaries at the same time do not appear, use the special medicine "Ovary". It is possible to buy it in gardening shop. The method of application is in detail described on packing.

4. Do not forget to loosen accurately from time to time the earth, and plants after that to feed up any mineral fertilizers. Strictly observe dosage – the recommended scheme and concentration depends directly on means therefore specify rules of application in the instruction.

5. During the hot period water landings every evening, trying to direct scattered water jet to the earth to avoid knocking down of ovaries and breakage of green part of plants. If it is raining, be guided by soil moisture. Excessive watering threatens we decay roots.

6. Timely weeding plays important role. At large number of weeds on bed the cultural plants lack nutrients, moisture and sunshine. Try to uproot weeds until they have reached the big sizes.

7. In time remove the kept-up fruits and dig out root crops. You should not wait when they grow up even more. First, they can begin to spoil, and secondly it is, more, than it is necessary, they will not become.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team