How to remove spot from felt-tip pen

How to remove spot from felt-tip pen

Young artists very much like to use felt-tip pens. At the same time steadily there are not only works of art, but also very resistant spots on clothes of the artist, on table, cloth, and sometimes process so takes that mom who has glanced to the room convulsively begins to look for methods to wash the child. For removal of spots from felt-tip pens there is set of make-shifts which for certain will be in each house.

It is required to you

  • - alcohol-containing liquids;
  • - solvents;
  • - glycerin;
  • - means for removal of marker;
  • - cotton pad;
  • - laundry detergent;
  • - Antipyatin soap.


1. Felt-tip pens can be on spirit or water basis. For removal of spots from skin, from furniture and fabric, use any alcohol-containing liquids. For this purpose cologne, tonic on spirit basis, toilet water, medical or technical alcohol, vodka, etc. will approach. For use moisten cotton pad or sponge of any of the specified liquids, wipe places of pollution. If you deleted spots from skin, then after that wash it with water with soap or with gel for washing. If from fabric - wash product in the normal way which is suitable for washing of fabric of this type.

2. If you have noticed spots on clothes or on furniture not at once, they have deeply eaten, then delete pollution by means of solvents. For removal gasoline, kerosene, acetone or liquid will be suitable for removal of varnish on its basis, white spirit, solvent 646. For use moisten cotton pad, carefully wipe pollution. If the product cannot be erased or you were not going to carry out washing of volume thing, for example carpet or oriental carpet, then after removal of spots wipe all places which you have cleaned, alcohol or carry out damp cleaning by means of sponge and means for carpets.

3. In economic supermarket, soap under trade name of Antipyatin is on sale. Use it, and you will be able easily to remove spots from felt-tip pen from any kind of fabric without additional efforts and without use of aggressive solvents. For use moisten the place of pollution and soap, densely rub spots from felt-tip pen soap, rinse the purified fabric or hands under flowing water. From spots there will be no left no slightest trace.

4. Buy the special means intended for removal of marker in department of office supplies. Trade names can be various as this means is issued different producers, but cost its quite available. It is on sale in the form of pencils and sprays. For use study the instruction from the producer, apply on pollution, wash product.

5. From skin of the child delete pollution from felt-tip pens in the safe way. The safest way. Moisten cotton pad with alcohol or glycerin, wipe skin, wash away warm water, apply children's cream.

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