How to sort gas-fire

How to sort gas-fire

Not seldom it happens so that even the most qualitative and reliable gas-fire fails and demands repair. But we quite can independently cope with some breakages. For this purpose it is necessary to execute its dismantling correctly.

It is required to you

  • - wrenches;
  • - screw driver;
  • - set of screw-drivers;
  • - technology emphasis.


1. To remove the top panel of gas-fire, remove table grids, uncover, take out torches.

2. Take technology emphasis and insert them into slot between sidewall and the top panel. Wring out the clips fixing the panel.

3. Raise upper part of the panel and pull parts on yourself to uncouple back fixers.

4. To disassemble the control panel, set cranes to closed position, remove the top panel of plate, remove control knobs. Unscrew three lower screws, then turn and pull the panel on yourself. Raise the panel to remove its fastening from emphasis. Disconnect buttons of ignition and lighting by pressing of spring lobes from plastic to cylinder of the body and remove the panel.

5. To uncover plate, open cover and remove spring which slows down falling of cover. Unscrew on one attachment screw from each party of cover. Disconnect cover.

6. To remove oven door, cast away it in horizontal position. Enter two technology emphasis into the grooves which are at the left and on the right in door racks. Carefully cover door against the stop. Take door for the right and left board, pull on yourself and release the lower axes of hinges. Then lower door a little to release the top axes and remove door.

7. To remove the lower door of plate, turn out screws on both sides of door. Bring uvula out of gearing. Remove door.

8. To sort sidewalls, unscrew two screws and four fastenings of sidewalls. Unscrew eight attachment screws of back wall. Remove sidewalls.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team