How to stack lining

How to stack lining

Lining – material which does not lose the popularity already many years. The room trimmed with lining looks stylish and is modern, and energy of tree creates unique aura of comfort and cosiness.

It is required to you

  • lining, construction level, wooden hammer, dowel nails, thermal insulation material, wooden bars


1. Make furring of bars. It is necessary share of to level walls and to create fixture. If you want to warm the room, lay between bars the prepared material for thermal insulation.

2. Decide how you will have lining. If you are going to fix it vertically, then upholster walls with horizontal rails. At horizontal arrangement of lining of rail have to be located vertically. Horizontal laying will be suitable for narrow and long rooms, it visually increases space. At vertical laying the illusion of the room with high ceiling is created. Bars of furring have to be located at distance no more than 40-50 centimeters Check vertical position of furring, using construction level. Strengthen furring with the help dowel nails.

3. Start lining laying. Begin with corner, observe accuracy. Use the construction level and wooden hammer. Try to obtain uniform adherence of boards. Leave between thorns and grooves gap about 1-2 mm that at differences of humidity lining has not distended.

4. Beat lining to furring in those places which you are going to cover with corners or plinth. If your lining is made of larch, observe special accuracy – such material very easily is pricked and bursts. Use the nails having small hats, or specially bought brackets. Nadsverlivayte of opening, using the screw driver.

5. When finishing bath use only vertical laying of lining – it will be provided by normal access of air and will secure against stagnation of water drops that happens at horizontal laying.

6. After laying is ended, cover lining with alkyd or water deluting varnish. Use also protective structures which will secure the building or the room against the adverse weather phenomena.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team