How to store gladioluses in the winter

How to store gladioluses in the winter

If you love gladioluses, are engaged in their cultivation and want next year the favourite flowers to please you with the beauty, then it is necessary to take care of creation of necessary conditions of their storage. It is impossible to leave bulbs of gladioluses in the earth at all, flowers do not maintain negative temperatures and can die. For this reason it is very important to be engaged in preparation of bulbs for wintering in advance.

It is required to you

  • - wide shovel;
  • - manganese solution;
  • - old newspaper;
  • - cardboard box or wooden box


1. For a start dig out bulbs of the earth. It is the best of all to do it by wide shovel not to damage them. After that accurately break earth lump that together with it not to throw out the children attached to maternal bulb. Further cut off plant stalk, having left at the same time only small stump.

2. Now you can pass to primary treatment of bulbs. At first properly wash out them and not to allow disease, during washing lower bulbs for half an hour in manganese solution. After that let's bulbs dry out if not to make that, one of them can decay and as a result you ruin all flowers. If desired carry out sorting of bulbs according to their sizes.

3. After holding these procedures begin to put gladiolus bulbs on storage. Envelop them the newspaper and place in cardboard box or wooden box with openings between plates. The room for storage has to be cool with constant temperature condition – 3-8 degrees. It is rather difficult to sustain such temperature in the room therefore the most suitable places for storage of flowers will be the fridge, the basement or cellar.

4. Surely once in kneading check condition of bulbs. Touch them and in case of moisture dry a little. If you have found on bulbs of small wreckers, in this case it is so-called tips, it is necessary to get rid of it immediately. Process bulbs the special medicine "Inta-vir" (1 tablet on 10 liters of water) and dry them within week. One more way of disposal of the wrecker – processing of bulbs within 10 minutes hot water of 55-60 degrees, and then cold 10-12 degrees to achieve sharp cooling of bulbs.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team