How to upholster door dermantiny

How to upholster door dermantiny

Leatherette (it is called still dermantiny) represents cotton fabric with covering from nitrocellulose. In appearance this material reminds skin. The upholstery of doors leatherette is relevant still, many owners of apartments establish metal doors, and very few people get rid of inside doors. Here their that can also be sheathed leatherette. This we will improve exterior of our inside outer door and we will increase its sound-proof abilities. In some cases sheathe even metal doors.

It is required to you

  • - several meters of leatherette
  • - foam rubber or plates from cotton wool
  • - normal small and finishing furniture nails


1. Remove door from loops, having laid it it is horizontal on two curbstones or stools. Remove everything that can be removed from door, having left only its cloth.

2. Let's describe case when the door opens outside. Cut out piece of door that it exceeded width and height of door on 10 cm and three strips 14 cm wide from leatherette. One of three strips has to be equal to door height, and two others – its width. Lay rollers for warming at the edges of door. Such rollers can be made of the pieces of foam rubber or cotton wool wrapped in strip of leatherette and beaten to edge of door.

3. Now you can start process of upholstery of door. Spread layer of cotton wool or foam rubber on door surface and cover it with leatherette. Leave small reserve of material from outside where the door will be hung on loops. Now tuck leatherette on door edge and begin to beat it to cloth furniture nails so that the distance between the next nails was equal 10-15 cm. And it is necessary to begin with edge with the lock. Trace also that the nails fixing the roller were located under leatherette. The lower and top edges of door are beaten in the same way. And from the opposite side of your door leatherette needs to be attached to platband.

4. Now we will consider case when the door opens inside. The cloth of leatherette is cut out by the same sizes, as well as in the first case. And rollers you need to prepare already four pieces on 14 cm in width. Length at rollers is equal to length of the parties of door. At first fix the roller on the lower edge so that when closing door it was given for threshold. Attach other rollers to jambs. Fix leatherette by furniture nails as it has already been described earlier.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team