Useful tips to snowboarders before the season

Useful tips to snowboarders before the season

It was snowing. Winter weather was established, and ski resorts are actively invited on the slopes. After the summer break many subtleties and skills are forgotten therefore it is worth refreshing the knowledge and to study some recommendations. It will be useful also for the skilled person, and the one who only learns to ride the snowboard.

To remember everything

It isn't necessary to go to difficult slopes at once. Even the most experienced athlete who isn't needing training at the snowboard needs to remember at first all skills and movements, for this purpose also the educational slope well approaches.

Not to take superfluous

The backpack holds down movements during descent on the snowboard behind the back. It is better to leave spare warm clothes, the thermos and other things in the luggage storage. They are often equipped near the slope. Will go there at need closer, than to the car.

Good company

Cheerful friends on the slope disturb only absolutely the beginner who still is trained on the snowboard. The company will lighten those who well rides the mood and will allow to spend time for the grief with pleasure. Alone it is boring to ride.

To check equipment

Irrespective of whether the board is taken in the hire or lay winter in own storeroom, all equipment needs to be checked: to tighten bolts on bindings, to establish the suitable corner of the stance, to zaparafinit the board if on it scratches developed. It is also very useful to grind the edging before the season. Only it is necessary to be attentive and careful: with new paraffin and the sharp edging the speed of the snowboard increases many times. It isn't necessary to disperse too until muscles remember the correct movements.

It is competent to plan trips

Serious injuries often happen during the periods of strong fatigue. For prevention of it it is desirable to distribute forces reasonably. It is better to visit difficult slopes in the second third of the trip. The body is warmed already up, but fatigue didn't collect yet. It isn't desirable to ride the most difficult descents at the end of the day. It is better to finish it something simple not to spoil the impression.

Alcohol only in bar

Categorically it is impossible to ride the snowboard in a state of intoxication. It is reckless both for itself, and for people around. The drunk athlete badly is guided and operates the body, those who only study especially can suffer from it to ride the snowboard. The beginner just won't manage to evade from the inadequate person rushing on him with high speed.

Not to forget about the defense

The snowboard is very traumatic, falling and collisions are frequent. The helmet – the obligatory part of equipment on the slope saving the most valuable part of the body from serious damages – the head.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team