How to wash fat

How to wash fat

For certain, these unpleasant greasy spots on clothes, furniture, carpets are known to you... Also attempts manually are familiar or by means of brush to wipe pollution. And if fabric delicate or old spot does not give in to cleaning? Anyway, you should not despair. Possibly, the way of fight against it chosen by you just is not suitable for this spot. Consider that it is always easier to wash fresh spots, than old.

  • means for washing of ware, salt, napkins, the iron, talc, potato starch, vinegar, alcohol, gasoline, sal ammoniac

1. If the spot has appeared only recently, it is possible to use the following means: 1. Household chemicals. Enclose clean rag under fabric. Apply on spot with tampon from gauze the washing or pyatnovyvodyashchy means which is near at hand. It can be "Vanish", Antipyatin, means for washing of ware well helps. Distribute structure from edges of spot to the middle and leave for 10-15 minutes. Carefully wash fabric with water.

2. 2. Salt. Powder pollution I will merge and leave for some time then shake salt. Repeat the procedure until the spot does not disappear.

3. 3. Iron and napkins. From face and inner side put in several layers of napkin or toilet paper. Heat the iron and iron spot — napkins have to absorb fat.

4. 4. Chalk or talc. From two parties of fabric put two layers: the first – powder, the second – paper. Press down something heavy and leave for 24 hours. Later shake chalk and wash thing or carefully wash out sponge.

5. 5. Potato starch. Apply starch layer on spot and pound on the surface of pollution. At once properly shake and put new layer. Continue the procedure before disappearance of spot.

6. If the spot has appeared on your clothes or furniture long ago and has managed to be absorbed completely, try one of following ways: 1. Besides household chemicals - means for washing of ware or liquid means for removal of fat from various surfaces. Put it for 30 minutes, then carefully wash away. It is desirable to wash away hot water if fabric allows. It is possible to repeat several times.

7. 2. Vinegar and water. Mix vinegar and water in proportion 1:1, apply mix on pollution and let's dry. Later wash fabric with water.

8. 3. Alcohol, gasoline and sal ammoniac. Prepare effective solution from tablespoon of pure alcohol, half of teaspoon of gasoline and teaspoon of ammonia solution. Impregnate spot and leave before full drying. Wash thing, it is desirable in hot water.

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