How to wash gasoline

How to wash gasoline

Gasoline and other greasy spots bring many troubles, especially when they are found on clothes or furniture. But if in due time to take necessary measures, then from such spots there are chances to get rid.

1. Try to wet the soiled thing in solution of means which you wash the dishes. Better if it is means which possesses excellent removal of fat. Leave thing at several o'clock then carefully wash it in hot water with use of laundry detergent. Remember that soaking needs to be carried out at once after detection of spots.

2. Strew spot with chalk which previously crush. Leave clothes for 2-3 hours, and then just shake chalk. If the necessary result did not manage to achieve, then several times repeat this operation. Similarly do the procedure with use of large amount of salt.

3. Buy Antipyatin soap in any shop of household chemicals. Soap it spots, and leave for several minutes. After that wash clothes as usual. In case of need repeat the procedure. If thing very delicate which cannot be erased then try to clean it by means of flour. For this purpose take potato flour and heat it. Further the heated flakes it is abundant strew spot. In half an hour clean the polluted place from flour and do all over again. Remember that under surface of spot it is necessary to enclose white fabric.

4. Apply solvent or kerosene on spot surface. After that wash clothes as usual: manually or in the washing machine. Remember that even at beneficial effect there will be one unpleasant moment: smell of oil products of which it is very problematic to get rid.

5. Add various conditioners and fragrances when washing. Be not afraid to repeat this procedure. After the thing is washed, will surely hang out it on the street – wind partially will help to get rid of unpleasant smell.

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