How to get rid diesel fuel smell on clothes

How to get rid diesel fuel smell on clothes

It is no secret, that it is possible to learn about kind of activity of the person not only having looked at its exterior, but even to smell: for example, the seller of fish smells of fish, the baker – buns and fancy bread, the driver – gasoline, and the driver - diesel fuel. But it is good if the "professional" smell has impregnated only uniform … And how to be if suddenly the best clothing has become impregnated with diesel fuel too?

It is required to you

  • - cleaning agent;
  • - sunflower oil;
  • - kerosene;
  • - acetone or white spirit;
  • - water;
  • - dry mustard.


1. Attentively examine the clothes smelling of diesel fuel: perhaps, on it there is spot (or a little) from diesel fuel who needs to be brought for a start. For removal of diesel fuel it is possible to use different means. For example, she can be moved away cleaning agent for ware (apply cleaning agent on spot and leave for the night, and later wash away water). Also diesel fuel can be removed sunflower oil, and the spot left oil, to remove with kerosene which, in turn, too should be washed.

2. Make sure that the thing on which there are spots from diesel fuel is made of natural fabric. Then use acetone or white spirit for removal of spots.

3. If the thing smelling of diesel fuel clean, that is spots on it are not present any, will hang out it for the whole day on the street (ideal option if on the street hard winter), then the smell disappears. In a similar way arrive if the smell of diesel fuel is exuded by footwear: airing in the fresh air will yield desirable result.

4. Prepare mix: add a little dry mustard to the container with warm water. By means of such solution delete the persistent smell of diesel fuel published by skin of hands. Experiment: for a while wet the thing smelling of diesel fuel in this solution and then rinse and dry up. The smell has to disappear.

5. Go to dry-cleaner and hand over the thing smelling of diesel fuel. Perhaps, not all spots have been removed up to the end therefore the product and smells. Experts of dry-cleaner will quickly find the stench center, will remove spot, and together with it and the annoying smell.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team