What it is necessary to make that the man married

What it is necessary to make that the man married

To convince the man to marry not so difficult as it seems. Of course, the convinced bachelors meet, but the most part of men by a certain moment ripen to this fatal decision, especially, if a little bit to push them.

What to make that the guy turned into the husband?

The most important that should be remembered – you do not saw the man on a subject "when we get married?!", do not ache, do not complain of life. Similar actions cause the return reaction. Well, who will like to marry under pressure?

If you want him to make you the proposal, analyze yourself. If you are not pleasant to yourself, change. It is necessary to look soberly at himself from outside whether to put itself to the place of the man and to ask "I want to marry myself?". If the answer is negative, think of the most disturbing factors and following the results of get rid of them.

Surely communicate with the man, listen carefully to him, help councils. Men appreciate attentive listeners, it is very important to become of him the authorized representative. Do not represent what you are not. Do not go to far in decorative cosmetics who will like to lay down with one woman, but to wake up absolutely with another? You do not wear provocative clothes, do not use false curls and nails. Men want to see near themselves the woman without pretense and a camouflage. It does not mean that it is necessary to cease to watch himself.

The main thing is valid to want in marriage

Men appreciate emotional stability. They prefer adequate women, the roller "emotional" coaster is pleasant to units. If you are inclined to hysterical manifestations, react to a stress too violently, do not "hold" psychological loading, ask for the help the psychotherapist, practice yoga or meditation, calm emotions. Men very need the tranquility center.

Do not forget about sense of humour. This quality of the man is highly appreciated. The good joke sometimes is worth a lot.

Be seductive. Show the sexual interest in the man, try to diversify your sex, be different. Men traditionally look for not only the friend, but also the mistress in the wife. If you are proud of the man, then encourage him, praise. Support. If something went not according to the plan at all, do not saw, do not gloat over. Support – here what is looked for by men in future companion of life. You can be any bad hostess, but be not bad support. Exclude from a lexicon "I and knew" and "I spoke!".

Arrange a romantic dinner. Talk to the man gently and optimistically about the plans. Tell that to you with him it is very good that you it is crazy about it. Report about the desire to marry in the future. You do not press, be not too serious.

Be sure of themselves. Men cannot take seriously women who consider themselves nobody. The proud, independent woman – the ideal companion.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team