Kitchen garden on windowsill

Kitchen garden on windowsill

If you do not have even the smallest personal plot, and there is a wish to indulge relatives with own hand grown up vegetables, try to break kitchen garden on windowsill. Of course, it will differ from beds, usual for look, but at respect for certain agrarian technologies and from kitchen garden on windowsill it is possible to receive quite decent harvest.

House kitchen garden

It is possible to break in the apartment semblance of kitchen garden in case at least 1-2 windows come to the South or the southeast. Long sunny day is necessary for the majority of vegetable cultures, only greens and lettuce leaves can grow at the windows coming to other parts of the world.

The house kitchen garden needs the thought-over system of watering, and it is better – irrigations. If you are going to leave for the weekend, decide how to make that the kitchen garden on windowsill had enough moisture.

One more question, the general for all vegetable cultures which are grown up on house kitchen garden – the organization of the drainage system saving roots from excessive moistening and rotting. Making boxes where cucumbers, tomatoes, greens and other vegetable cultures will grow, provide openings for exit of watering water. The good result is yielded by the organization of house kitchen garden in the boxes sheathed by several layers of special material – hydroponics.

How to grow up cucumbers on windowsill

To grow up at least relative harvest of cucumbers, it is important to choose for house kitchen garden on windowsill the low self-pollinated grades of fast term of maturing. One more moment on which it is necessary to focus attention, having decided to grow up cucumbers – length of lashes. Than lashes are shorter – the best agrotechnology can be provided to cucumbers.

It makes sense to sow them on seedling at the end of February – the beginning of March. In phase of 2-3 real leaves - to dive in separate boxes or in container which occupies by itself(himself) windowsill completely. In this case it is important not to thicken landing: cucumbers of house kitchen garden need at least 20-30 quarter see for normal development and fructification.

Having decided to grow up cucumbers on windowsill, lead the first fertilizing in week after the sword-play of saplings. It is better if it are potash fertilizers. Further once a week together with one of waterings feed up weak solution of humic acids.

Provide possibility of garter of cucumbers. It is necessary to do it kind of braiding with cotton rope lash of plant and tying up it to support.

When cucumbers reach height maximum for your window, prishchepit growth point. They will not grow more, but such equipment will help to ripen to the ovaries which are already available on cucumbers. Reap crop in the morning. It is considered that it will also promote the fastest ripening of the ovaries of cucumbers which have remained on bush.  

How to grow up tomatoes on windowsill

Tomatoes need the window coming to the South. They more other vegetables which are grown up on windowsill need long and uniform lighting. The basic, than the agrotechnology of tomatoes of house kitchen garden differs from the agrotechnology of cucumbers described above – the frequency and intensity of watering. Waters tomatoes need more, but waterings should be carried out much less often and only at the roots.

Having planned cultivation of kitchen garden on windowsill, be ready to frequent airing of the apartment. The self-pollinated grades of tomatoes exists a little, insects pollinators are necessary for the rest for good harvest. If they are not enough, in one of days pick several men's flowers in the morning and touch with pestles pistillate flowers. In most cases such equipment helps to make pollination, and it in the best way affects productivity of your vegetables.

At stage of the third present sheet tie up plants to steady pegs, otherwise there is risk of withdrawal pains of stalks. Form tomatoes on windowsill no more than in two trunks. Without regret delete stepsons – they take away forces from already tied fruits, hamper their growth and ripening.

To feed up tomatoes is twice one better during the season: in two weeks after seedling sword-play (if the sword-play was not held – that in phase of 2-3 real leaves) and during time of the maximum fructification. For fertilizing take solution of microelements, add potash and phosphoric fertilizers, previously having dissolved them in warm water. Your kitchen garden will be grateful to you and will answer with good harvest of home-made vegetables.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team