Kitchen in style shabby chic: we return old times

Kitchen in style shabby chic: we return old times

Kitchens in shebby shic style look distinguished and elegantly. Distinctive feature is use of the made old things and surfaces.

When dressing kitchen the designer usually uses one color which appears on different elements of interior. To achieve feeling of old times, antiquarian things are used.


Often for kitchen in style shabby chic is used the restored furniture made of wood. It can be buffets, dining tables or cabinets. The most popular flowers in which paint furniture are: color of ivory, white, blue and gentle-pink shades. To achieve additional refinement, it is possible to use graceful shod things. It is interesting that designers quite allow use of modern furniture. However it has to be made in classic style without ultramodern parts.


As for flowers, here the most appropriate are pink, vanilla, yellow, white, green, blue shades.

Small parts

As material for towels and napkins it is possible to choose the guipure having light shade, and the cloth can be decorated with bows or ruches. As for curtains, they can be decorated beautiful drapery, elegant lambrequins and cascades.


It is better not to use very bright lighting. Ancient lamps which will give soft and diffused light will be optimal variant.


Much attention should be paid to accessories. In this case they have to have the history well to be suitable for style shabby chic. Such things can be found in antique shops and shops. It is possible to use black-and-white photos, beautiful trunks and caskets, the old watch. Flowers can be additional element. It is possible to use both fresh window plants, and dry flowers in vases.

Kitchen in style of old England – one of options for the house

To achieve similarity with old England, it is necessary to use finishing which was traditionally used on the Foggy Albion. In olden days when performing finishing work often left some flaws. Therefore walls can be made slightly uneven. For this purpose it is possible to use "semi-antique" wall-paper or rough plaster. The ceiling can be covered with plaster too, and then to trim with stucco molding. Floor has to be combined with all style. Therefore use of ceramic tile at which paint, or the made old wooden boards has faded will be good option.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team