Power of window plants

Power of window plants

People know long ago that plants have property to load surrounding with the energy. Because of it they are used in interiors of office and school offices, gardens and by houses, of course. Generally, everywhere, where there are congestions of people. Even parks in the urban environment are created in order that the person could enjoy nature gifts, be loaded the next working week with natural energy and have a rest of last week.

Leaves at plants are the main conductors of any energy. In them there is photosynthesis, them they absorb in themselves carbon dioxide, and in exchange give oxygen and natural, natural energy. It is possible to determine by leaves, where to put plant that it brought benefit maximum.

Plants with big and smooth sheets, for example monstera or chamaedorea, will get on in any part of the room. They quickly purify air from harmful impurity and at the same time counterbalance power balance of surrounding world. Despite scary myths about monstera, it represents cosiness and harmony in family.

Flowers with small leaflets, for example, sacred ficus or emerald tree, it is necessary to have about windows, doors or on turns in corridors. They act pointwise, directing the energy arriving from the outside along routes in the room.

Round fleshy leaves of plants radiate soft and quiet power. They are capable to smooth quarrels in family, promote harmony and monetary wellbeing. The krassula or monetary tree, in common people and also peperomia and other succulents belong to such plants.

The twirled and spiral sheets at plant speak about the constant movement of energy. The place of such plants – study or table. Bamboo or Albuq spiral-shaped will help with fatigue, will put your thoughts in order, will bring you into vigorous mood.

Cacti already look terribly because of prickles - it is their protection. According to myths, these plants have strong and aggressive energy. Use them intelligently – put cacti on solar windowsills where they will luxuriate under beams, in passing saving your house from adverse street energy.

Do not forget that plants give only what is received. Therefore care for them, and they will reciprocate to you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team