Rodzhersiya: features of cultivation of exotic plant

Rodzhersiya: features of cultivation of exotic plant

High decorative qualities of rodzhersiya compensate whimsicality of this exotic plant. There is number of the requirements concerning landing and leaving without which implementation it will not be possible to achieve growth and blossoming of this perennial plant.

Under natural conditions rodzhersiya grow around reservoirs and on the lower tier of the damp woods in mountainous areas of China. That this plant has taken root in garden, it is necessary to create for it the conditions similar to natural.

The place and features of structure kidney for rodzhersiya

All grades of rodzhersiya differ the powerful root system allowing plant to occupy quickly new territories in garden therefore it is inexpedient to plant this plant on the limited site of bed.

Best of all the area near artificial reservoir or the shady site under fruit-trees in garden separated from other space by the border driven on depth not less than 30 cm will be suitable for plant. It will allow not to allow growths of plant, out of borders of the place allocated for it. When determining the optimum place for rodzhersiya it is necessary to consider that sites where the melt water accumulates in the winter, are not suitable for this plant as it will lead to freezing and vymokaniye of roots.

The most unpretentious in respect of structure of the soil are the following removed grades of rodzhersiya:

  • konskokashtanolistny;
  • plumose;
  • cherry blash;
  • braunlaub;
  • podofillovy;
  • buzinolistny;
  • hundred-sheet;
  • Henrits;
  • Peacock;

These types of rodzhersiya differ in form of leaves and coloring of inflorescences. Plants need the friable and rather crude soil rich with organic chemistry and low level rn. Heavy soils before landing of rodzhersiya should be diluted with sand and friable organic chemistry. Considering that the plant on one place will grow further for many years, it is desirable to fertilize before landing the earth humus or the rerotting compost.

Cultivation of seedling of rodzhersiya from seeds

At first it is necessary to prepare deep plastic containers with perforated covers. They should be filled with mix of the chernozem, humus and sand. Seeds are sowed at the end of November, burying them at 1 cm. Containers are left on the street until the end of winter. At the beginning of spring it is necessary to bring them them to the warm room.

After emergence of the first shoots the containers with seedling need to be rearranged on windowsills. It is better to water seedling with spray 1-2 times a week. It is periodically necessary to loosen the soil in container. After achievement by saplings of 15-17 cm in height, it is necessary to hold their sword-play. When seedling gets stronger, it is necessary to seat it on separate pots.

Disembarkation and care for rodzhersiya

It is necessary to plant seedling of rodzhersiya to the open ground after installation on the street of steady above-zero temperatures. For planting of saplings it is necessary to make at first holes to 10-15 cm in depth. On bottom it is necessary to fill up mix of humus and sand. After disembarkation it is necessary to water saplings well.

In case there is probability of frosts, it is necessary to cover plants with polyethylene. It is necessary to water landings 1 time a week. At drought it is necessary to humidify the soil each 2-3 days. Watering can be carried out cold water. It will not do much harm to plants. For preservation of necessary level of soil moisture it is necessary to carry out the procedure of mulching.

After seedling takes roots, it is necessary to watch carefully condition of plants and in due time to delete the drying-up leaves. During blossoming of rodzhersiya feed up ready fertilizers for azaleas. Besides, it is possible to bring the following components:

  • phosphorus;
  • potassium;
  • nitrogen;
  • solution of bird's dung;
  • liquid extracts of organic chemistry;

If necessary it is necessary to loosen the soil around plants. After the end of vegetation all peduncles need to be cut off. The main wreckers of rodzhersiya are slugs and snails. For protection of landings it is necessary to powder the soil around rodzhersiya with mustard powder.

At the end of September it is possible to begin preparation of rodzhersiya for wintering. Elevated part is removed. For prevention of appearance of diseases the leaves need to be burned. Root part of plant well transfers frosts to -25 °C. At low-snow winters perhaps vymorazhivany roots.

To avoid similar failure, it is necessary to cover carefully the site with landings of rodzhersiya mowed grass, straw or fallen leaves. From above it is possible to cover the site with agrofibre. It is necessary to remove all insulating layers in the spring to avoid emergence of mold and pereprevaniye of roots. It will accelerate emergence of young shoots.

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