Rules of stylish interior from Johnathan Adler

Rules of stylish interior from Johnathan Adler

Have started repair? You do not hurry to employ the interior designer. For a start try to create stylish and fashionable interior independently.


1. Very seldom in Johnathan Adler's works it is possible to see some other color of walls, except white. And no wonder: the artist prefers to supplement interior by means of bright parts, placing accents, and the white background serves for this purpose as magnificent cloth.

2. Johnathan Adler is distinguished by improbable ability to combine prints so that it did not look vulgarly or is inappropriate. In this work the elegant variation of animalistic and graphic print where white color is skillfully combined with saturated colors is provided.

3. Orange - the so-called business card of the artist. He very accurately enters orange color into interior, delicately emphasizing presence of this color and at pictures on walls.

4. Impregnations of metal parts gives to the image of the room completeness and certain elegance, serving as excellent shading for monochrome shades and prints.

5. Johnathan Adler is recognized expert on the modern art. He skillfully does pictures and sculptures by the central object in interior. Honestly, such objects of art are capable to set completely mood to all house.

6. If to dilute strict minimalist interior with ridiculous posters and soft pillows with playful inscriptions, it will create absolutely special atmosphere and will make the house cozier. Besides, the similar stroke will indicate great sense of humour of hosts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team