Types of paints for wall-paper under painting

Wall-paper under painting – easy and effective way to give to walls attractive look. The covering changes color at the first desire, it is possible to recolour wall-paper to 7 times. Participation of professionals is not required, the structure is caused with own hand by means of the roller and brush. That repair has taken place without unpleasant surprises, it is important to choose correctly paint, considering features of the room and other important points. Paint for wall-paper: what to choose It is possible to find structures of various price categories in specialized shops. They differ and to structures and also recommendations about drawing. All paints can be separated into 3 main groups: • acrylic; • water emulsion; • latex. Acrylic paints – the most popular and extensive category collecting positive reviews of buyers. Distinctive feature - the opaque or semi-gloss finish. Water-based paints differ in firmness, durability, simplicity of drawing. On sale the wide color range is provided, if desired the shade can be changed independently. Among advantages of acrylic covering there is absolute safety, paint has no smell, quickly dries, does not burn out in the sun. After drying on walls the film preventing normal air exchange is not formed. The only minus of acrylic covering – rather high price. Aqueous emulsion ink is available to wall-paper at the price, has the beautiful brilliant finish, is easily applied with the roller or brush. Thanks to safety and non-toxicity it can be used in any rooms including in children's rooms. Paint perfectly emphasizes relief on wall-paper and hides minor defects of walls. The covering has also minuses – water emulsion is sensitive to moisture and does not transfer direct sunshine. Those who prefers effective wall coverings will suit latex paint on the basis of juice of natural rubber-bearing plants or their synthetic substitutes. With its help to walls it is easy to add beautiful noble gloss, to provide effect of modulation or satin shine. Wall-paper gains ideal smoothness and looks very expensively. In the course of works the smell is almost not felt, the structure to lay down on walls even smooth layer, does not spread and does not form bald spots. Paint is suitable for dense vinyl wall coverings with relief and also for fiber glass fabrics. The covering turns out durable, wearproof, gloss remains for a long time. However the film on surface can worsen the breathing properties of wall-paper. How to paint wall-paper it is correct Paint on walls is usually applied with the dense roller. Big surfaces paint more big tool, it is convenient to process corners and joints the small thin roller on the long handle. Some prefer to apply paint with brush. Paint needs to be bought with small stock that it suddenly has not reached a limit during repair. It is especially important if the color was selected individually – to mix the same shade it will not turn out. Before causing structure it is necessary to glue wall-paper which has departed from walls, paint is applied in one dense layer. After drying the painted wall-paper can be washed, if necessary it is simple to paint over the polluted site. Qualitative wall-paper maintains up to 7 paintings, after that the wall covering should be replaced.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team