As Earth looked earlier

As Earth looked earlier

Today the person changes Earth in the most various ways. For the last 100 years its shape changed much more, than for the previous 4 thousand years. The blossoming and bright planet gradually loses former beauty because of technogenic processes. The majority of the happening changes are irreversible therefore people will not manage to see beauty of our homeland in original state any more.


1. The person appeared on Earth several millions years ago. But it is possible to speak about development of a civilization and change of Earth only in the last 4 thousand years. When biped creation for the first time began to sow fields, to root out trees, then everything began to change. Of course, people during that time, without having necessary tools, did not fell trees in hectares, did not drain huge swamps, but the aspiration to conquest of the world around arose then.

2. The earth prior to vigorous activity of the person was very green planet. Plants were present for 85% of its surface. In each climate there were types. Even the Sahara Desert resembled an oasis where the rivers flowed and herbs grew. In the territory of modern Europe there were dense woods, and the American continent was covered with the jungle.

3. The earth in the past differed in harmony a razviya. The nature is the self-regulating system where flora and fauna interact and create optimal conditions. The person during that time also lived in unity with the environment. He completely depended on weather, on quantity of animals around. While collecting and hunting were major activities, groups of people constantly moved to those parts of Earth where there was a food. They behaved as herd of animals who choose for themselves the best conditions.

4. When the person learned to grow up grain and other food cultures, he began settled existence. There were first strengthened cities, the dependence by nature decreased. The period of development of the soil began. For construction of houses were felled trees, the planet landscape changed. At first it occurred in separate regions, for example, in Ancient Egypt, but Europe gradually became populated, civilizations in the east developed.

5. Development of the person led to drainage of the rivers and lakes, to change of a current of the rivers, to creation of reservoirs. Violation of water balance caused siccation of soils in certain regions, deserts so began to expand. Reduction of green plantings led to emergence of ozone holes, and operation of bowels of the earth, mining affected even magnetic field of Earth. From the untouched world with a harmonious course of life the planet turned into the place where the person predominates, not always understanding to what consequences can lead his actions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team