How to transfer the mixed number to an improper fraction

How to transfer the mixed number to an improper fraction

The number which is written down in the form of the whole and fractional parts is called number in the mixed record. For convenience of pronunciation most often this long name reduce "the mixed number" to a formulation. Such number has an improper fraction equal to which it is easy to transfer it.

It is required to you

  • The mixed number, paper, the handle, 3 apples, knife.


1. If you not too well understand an essence of the mixed number, surely take paper and the handle not to get confused and all it is correct to make. Just in case make 3 apples and a knife. It is considered that a subject of fractions in mathematics one of the most difficult. School students begin to pass them from the 3rd class and is constant, at each following level of training, come back to similar tasks which annually, over and over again are harder and harder.

2. Write down the mixed number. Let's say it looks so: 2 3/4 (it the same, as 2+3/4). Record as "two whole three fourth" is read. Here figure 2 is the whole part of the mixed number, and "three fourth" – a fractional part. For descriptive reasons present it in the form of two whole apples and one more from whom there were three quarters, and one quarter, for example, already ate.

3. That to transfer the mixed number to an improper fraction, increase a denominator of its fractional part by the whole part. In this case it: 4х2=8. Return to a bright example with apples. Cut each of two whole fruits on four equal parts. After this operation of parts it will also appear eight.

4. Following operation: to the received work add numerator of a fractional part of the mixed number. That is to 8 add 3. It will turn out: 8+3=11. And now add three similar pieces from that apple which initially remained incomplete to already available eight apple pieces. In total there will be eleven segments.

5. Final action: write down the turned-out sum to the place of numerator of an improper fraction. At the same time leave a denominator of a fractional part without change. The result in this example will be such: 11/4. This improper fraction as "eleven four" is read. And if you address apples again, then will see that each of pieces is a quarter of the whole apple, and all pieces eleven. That is when you will gather them, you immediately receive eleven quarters of apple.

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