How to choose kitchen?

How to choose kitchen?

The kitchen for any family is a place where all meet at one table, discuss the current events and just communicate. Hostesses spend a lot of time here therefore special requirements are imposed to the equipment of this room. All want that it was beautiful, convenient, and, above all – all near at hand. How to choose kitchen, it will be told in this article.

Planning and functionality

Of course, it is necessary to dance from the oven, about more precisely from room space. It will also define planning of kitchen furniture. In small apartments most often establish angular furniture or in a row, and at bigger space it is possible to consider planning option letter P, that is along three walls or island, or peninsula. If to speak about island, then the working area in this case take out in the center of the room – most often the gas stove and a sink, and in peninsular the bar counter acts as the central part. Anyway it is necessary to make all necessary measurements, to think over where there will be sockets and to pass lines of communication whether it is planned to build in household appliances, etc.

Those who is interested as it is correct to choose kitchen need to outline the model of future furniture on paper or to use the special computer program. To be defined in what order there will be work elements where it is planned to put pans and other utensils whether there is desire to equip a minibar and to order additional options and accessories of type of drawers and trays, rotary shelves, etc.

Style and material of production

Of course, here everything will depend on the general style of the dwelling and own preferences. Actually, production material in many respects is defined by furniture stylistics. So, kitchens in classical style very often make of chipboard or MDF. The second option is more preferable, especially film or laminated. Kitchens in rural style most often do of a tree – beautiful and strong material. Those who asks what kitchen it is better to choose should pay attention to Scandinavian, impregnated with special structure. In kitchens in style of a modern modernist style and hi-tech it is possible to meet glass and metal.

The interested, how to select a table-top for kitchen according to quality, it is possible to give advice not to stint and get a product from a natural or artificial stone. Good characteristics at the special tempered glass, though the laminated MDF is quite good option based on the ratio of the price and quality.

Color scale

Many doubt what color for kitchen it is better to choose, it has to dispose to acceptance of food and at the same time to be pleasant for eyes. Experts give advice first of all to make a start from the room sizes. At the small area the dark kitchen will conceal already small space therefore light shades – white are preferable, beige, peach, gentle-green, etc. At owners is the big house or the apartment of options of the choice more. But anyway color should not suppress appetite, and on the contrary, to adjust on a positive harmony. Red, orange and green colors, and here blue and violet – not really are in this regard good.

Celestial-blue, yellow and lemon, gray and pink will refresh the room. However, the abundance of drawings and patterns should be avoided. The bright coloring is good for an apron which will protect walls from splashes of oil and other liquid food. By the way, today on sale the inexpensive panels covered with acrylic with a photo printing which act as a good alternative to glass are presented. Among councils how to choose kitchen, it is possible to meet and belonging to accessories. In particular, it is recommended to choose handles from the chromeplated or nickelized metal, but not plastic.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team