What size sun

What size sun

The sun is the biggest object of the Solar system. Within the Universe it is a small star, with not the biggest brightness and temperature on a surface. Radius of the Sun is 109 times more of Earth radius.

We got used to treat the Sun, as a reality. It appears every morning to shine throughout the day, and then to disappear behind the horizon till next morning. So proceeds from century to century. Some worship the Sun, others do not pay to it attention as the most part of time is spent in rooms.

No matter how we treat the Sun, it continues to perform the function - gives light and heat. Everything has sizes and a form. So, the Sun has almost ideal spherical shape. Its diameter practically on all circle is identical. Distinctions can be about 10 km that is insignificant a little.

Distance to the Sun

Very few people think of that how far from us there is a star and what it the size. And figures are capable to surprise. So, the distance from Earth to the Sun equals 149.6 million kilometers. At the same time each separate ray of sunlight reaches the surface of our planet in 8.31 minutes. It is unlikely in the near future people will learn to fly at the speed of light. Then it would be possible to get to a star surface in more than eight minutes.

Sizes of the Sun

Everything is learned in comparison. If to take our planet and to compare by the sizes to the Sun, it will be located on its surface of 109 times. Radius of a star is equal to 695,990 km. At the same time the mass of the Sun by 333,000 times exceeds the mass of Earth! Moreover, in one second it gives the energy equivalent to 4.26 million tons of loss of weight, that is 3.84х10 in the 26th degree of J. Kto from people of Earth can brag what passed across the equator of all planet? Probably, there will be travelers crossing Earth by the ships and other vehicles. On it a lot of time left. To bypass around the Sun, they would need much more time. On it will go, at least, to 109 times more of forces and years. The sun can visually change the sizes. Sometimes it seems more than usual several times. Another time, on the contrary, decreases. Everything depends on a condition of the atmosphere of Earth.

What represents the Sun

The sun has no same dense mass, as well as the majority of planets. The star can be compared to a spark which constantly gives heat to surrounding space. Besides, on the surface of the Sun periodically there are explosions and separations of plasma that strongly affects health of people. Temperature on a star surface – 5770 K, in the center - 15,600,000 To. At age in 4.57 billion years the Sun is capable to remain the same bright star the whole eternity if to compare to human life.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team