Whether there are proofs of existence of the parallel worlds

Whether there are proofs of existence of the parallel worlds

The mankind reflects over a possibility of existence of the parallel worlds for a long time. Though many people still consider it no more than strange science fiction. There are also supporters of this concept who not only are ready to take a hypothesis seriously, but also to find proofs in its protection.

What does it mean?

On the basis of the researches the physicist Verner Heisenberg assumed that simple detection of a particle in three-dimensional space affects her behavior. It is called the principle of uncertainty of Heisenberg. Niels Bohr proved that Heisenberg was right in the assumptions. Also it was shown that the principle of uncertainty for particles is fair in all its possible states. It is called the Copenhagen interpretation.

Alan Gut was the first serious scientist who offered the idea of existence of the parallel Universes and could not forget this the mad, at first sight, idea. He invented it, looking at the star night sky. Interested in opening of the parallel Universe, Gut repeatedly cooperated with other scientists. As a result of this work the theory of the fact that this "stratification" is result of the Big Bang was born. But researches Guta contradicted the concept standard by physics. According to its theory instead of attracting, gravitation began to push away objects from each other.

As it is known that the Universe extends, Gut's idea seems definitely plausible. But he postulates that this retroactive effect of weight, or "the false vacuum", is formed not only as "bubble" from molecules which became our Universe. When this vacuum began to break up, it released unlimited number of particles which, in turn, created unlimited number of "bubbles" and, therefore, unlimited number of the Universes.

Multidimensional concept

All aforesaid brings the reader to Hugh Everett's idea about plurality of the worlds. Work of doctor Everett assumes that when someone tries to watch a particle or does attempt to measure its parameters, it (particle) creates several new realities. There is a separate reality for placement of all possible parameters of measurement. Still it was talked only of atomic particles which have the tiny sizes. However you should not forget that all matter, including people, consists of these small particles. It means only one – the idea about plurality of the worlds concerns us equally, as well as to molecular particles. It means that there is a certain world for placement of any possible result for each made decision or life experience which the person can receive. For example, if you got into a car accident and nearly died, then in alternative or parallel the Universe everything can occur absolutely differently. If you had to give up study to bring up the child, in other Universe you safely coped with it. All decisions made by you involve consequences which, in turn, I change your life.

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