As men choose women

As men choose women

When choosing the companion of life of the man pay attention to such factors as appearance, traits of character, proximity of spirit and, of course, femininity. Some males have individual selection criteria, for example, long hair are important for them, began to smell skin, etc.


When choosing the companion of life of the man are guided by many factors, not the last of them is the appearance of the darling. Strangely enough, but males often pay attention to whether the girl tidily looks, whether nails, hair, etc. are well-groomed at it. The woman not necessarily has to be the winner of a beauty contest, the main thing – that she watched herself and knew the own worth.

For the man such parameters of a female figure as growth, weight, the breast size, waist and hips measurement are important. Each man has the preferences, someone likes thin and tall girls, to someone – low and full. Therefore it is impossible to tell unambiguously what female figure is beauty standard. Happens that the man is guided by individual criteria of estimation, for example, he can pay attention only to girls with long hair, big eyes or even a special smell of skin.


The man ready to marriage or the long serious relations chooses to himself the woman with balanced character. Passions – it is good, but in family life the representatives strongly of a floor look for silence and a cosiness. Infinite showdowns can be amusing and excite blood on appointments, but in any way not at a home. Such personal qualities as kindness and care are important for the man. Special attention the fidelity, and not only in the relations, but also in living position deserves. The companion of life has to share belief of the elect, somewhat follow his ideals, hobbies. However all has to be moderately. Men not really love "spineless" women.


Today women stopped being the weaker sex for a long time. They get an education, the rights to drive the car, quickly move up a career ladder, competing with many men. In this turmoil they lose the tenderness and femininity which is so appreciated by men. Of course, the man will be glad if near him there is a purposeful woman with active living position. However in the family circle she has to unmask "the iron lady" and become the tender creation needing guardianship. Men want to care for the darlings, to feel the superiority. They choose women who need this care, but not in every possible way reject it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team