How quickly to get to fall in love

How quickly to get to fall in love

Love can quickly pass, and can develop into great and ardent feeling. But this adventure will be fleeting or not, you still need to try to get to fall in love the person. Your task will be similar to that that politicians who win voters put before themselves. You need to show what the person needs at present.


1. Strike the girl with a gentlemen's act – open over her a big umbrella in rainy gloomy day. Behave naturally and relaxedly, but it is not impudent. Your manner of behavior, of course, will depend on intentions and plans for this person. If you are already in love and want the long relations, do not shock with the words "Went to Me, We Will Have Sex!".

2. But on the other hand, to each girl there has to be a special approach, some can take offense at a clean platonizm of the relations. Do not forget that the more often you extol exclusiveness and uniqueness of a subject of passion, the woman will blaze with great feeling to you. Compose odes to its beauty, mind, a charm. Let it look cheap, but, nevertheless, works almost always.

3. Try not to use the turns of speech containing denial: "The seductress, whether you want to have dinner in this cozy cafe?". Usually the answer "arises upon such question I do not want". Build phrases to which it is difficult to object: "I very much want to treat you to tasty cakes and fragrant coffee, a zaydemta in this charming coffee shop!". It is easy to fascinate and get the girl to fall in love sweet talks and by the hypnotizing velvet voice.

4. Adapt to the interlocutor, manipulate her, be original and fresh. Instead of banal "it is possible to get acquainted with you" or "what time is it" tell: "The girl, I'm sorry, please, and you have exact hours? And that I was afraid that I was late for an appointment with you!".

5. The tactile contact very much promotes emergence of an attraction, accidentally touch slightly the woman's elbow. But you do not speak rapidly and do not allow trite stroking of a hip of the interlocutor. Choose unostentatious, but pleasant perfume - the light aroma of toilet water acts on clean-shaven cheeks excitingly.

6. Put on accurately and stylish because negligence and dirty clothes will hardly attract the girl. Never try to get to fall in love the person, being in a state of intoxication - the impression about you can be spoiled forever.

7. Going near the beautiful person, preserve her at crosswalks, on slippery sections of the road. Care and desire are very touching to protect in the opinion of girls. Passing by a flower stall, do not stint a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team