How to beat off the girl

How to beat off the girl

Strong feelings to already busy girl – not an occasion to lower hands and to suffer silently. On the contrary, it is necessary to try to win her heart. If, of course, she is not married any more. Recommendations of how to make it much, but any does not guarantee 100% of result. Try different ways, to each girl it is necessary to find the approach.


1. Accurately and unostentatiously get acquainted with the girl when she is one. If for certain it is known that she has a guy, it is necessary to work accurately. Do not try to invite her to an appointment at once, to find out about her all details and to make an avowal of sentiments. The purpose of the first conversation is to find out how the girl will treat such acquaintance. If it accepts friendship and will agree to continue communication, it is the good sign. If is not present, it will be much more difficult to achieve the objective, but nevertheless it is real.

2. During the first acquaintance or subsequently the girl will try to put the end to the relations, motivating it with the fact that she already loves the guy and does not want the foreign relations to compromise her. In this situation it is necessary, without insisting on anything, to try to translate everything for fun, to let it know that there are no occasions to strain. And after a while to arrange "absolutely accidental" a meeting and to try to continue communication as though nothing occurred. At first do not show that madly fallen in love the girl. If you cannot control yourself, meet less often.

3. Use the best efforts to acquaintance to her girlfriends. Become for them the good companion. First, her girlfriends will help to create positive opinion on you. Secondly, from them it is possible to learn as much as possible about a love object. Thirdly, friendship with them will become an occasion to meet with the beloved more often. Do not hesitate of the fact that darling will see you in the company of other women. Until you win her, it will not matter. On the contrary, she has to see that you are pleasant to other girls and, especially, her girlfriends.

4. Read more books about love psychology, about female psychology. They will help not only to construct correctly the relations, but also will develop erudition. And with the clever young man the girl will never get bored. They say, Stendhal was one of the greatest psychologists of a female soul. It is possible to find answers to many questions in them though it is not so easy to read them.

5. Regularly make gifts and courtesies. It is possible to give anything – from flowers to jewelry. It is important that the gift gave pleasure and did not oblige to anything the girl. Gifts should not be expensive, defiant or obviously hinting at something at all. Very good impression on girls is made by verses. If you are not able to compose anything, write just beautiful poem, without appropriating his authorship.

6. Try that her present guy till the last moment did not learn that you try to beat off the girl. Sooner or later he, of course, learns. But you should not sort out with him the relations – just do not communicate with him. It is impossible to speak of him badly, it can negatively affect the beloved's attitude towards you. For the present she together with it, will also protect it. Also do not try to dissuade the girl from her present guy. She has to solve whom she loves.

7. Having decided to achieve reciprocal feelings from the beloved, prepare that there will be despair moments. But you should not recede from the purpose. If fall by one step below, it should be overcome anew. Friends and the family will try to dissuade for certain you – do not listen to them. Be adjusted only on a positive!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team