How to define a family zone in the apartment

How to define a family zone in the apartment

If in family there are frequent quarrels, and their most part arises because of insignificant everyday situations, then the equipment feng shui will help to adjust family. The main thing that should be made - precisely to define where in the apartment there is a family zone.


1. For definition of a zone of family in the apartment you need a usual compass. Pick up it and get up facing an entrance door. Establish a northern part on a red arrow.

2. Take according to the sheet of usual paper and a tracing-paper. On the first leaf draw the plan of your apartment, and divide the second into nine squares straight lines. From left to right sign each sector. At you nine squares with inscriptions have to turn out: wealth, glory, love and marriage, family, health, children and creativity, wisdom and knowledge, career, travel.

3. Impose transparent paper with the description of sectors over the plan of the apartment. In the center of housing the health zone, in the north - career, in the south - glory, in the West - creativity, in the east - family is located. On East side of your apartment it is worth paying special attention for stabilization of the family relations.

4. Purity always has to reign in a family zone. Decorate this territory with flowers, figures of trees which are symbols of family wellbeing and surely put a green candle. The order and a cosiness in a zone of family symbolizes family happiness and ""order"" in the marriage union.

5. Pay attention to that in a zone of family there were no others and ancient things. Such objects can be sources of negative energy which will prevent your family happiness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team