How to forget the person whom you very much loved

How to forget the person whom you very much loved

Our life is full of surprises, unfortunately, not only pleasant. Sometimes so it happens that darling on whom all hopes and plans for the future were pinned suddenly tells you that it is necessary to leave forever. It is absolutely clear that your tears or arrangements will not lead to anything good. In such situation it is necessary - to forget one it. Only how to forget the person whom you very much loved and were ready for everything for the sake of him?

It is required to you

  • Will power, love for life


1. First of all understand what to live, reveling in the sufferings, with continuous pain in soul - not the best way to continue to exist without darling. It is not necessary to finger constantly the sincere wound, infinitely shifting from place to place its things or gifts which are once presented to them. Why do you re-read old cards, and then sob at the nights in a pillow, listening to the song which was a symbol of your love? It is not necessary to try in all ways to keep in memory of darling, being engaged in self-torture. Find forces to tell ""stop, me it to anything"". In your case time - the best doctor.

2. Many women who endured parting continue to idolize the former partner. However think... Whom actually do you love? Let's not dissemble and we will be honest. Really you had no conflict situations at all and it never offended you? For certain there were such cases when there was a wish to shut the door with a bang and most to leave. To leave from the fact that he is unfair does not understand and does not feel you. There was it? Was... So why when it is necessary to forget darling, we remember only the most romantic moments of the relations? Unfortunately, such is female psychology. Reviving in memory of the picture of the past, enjoying fantastic illusion, we forget about reality. Nobody says that the former beloved was a monster, however the fact that everything was cloudless in a sky of your relations - outright lies to itself. If it not so, then think whether you loved the real person or the thought-up image cast by dreams of youth and excessive romanticism? In that case the question ""how to forget the person whom you very much loved"" will cease to disturb you because - whom to forget? Well, there was somebody, there were relations, but now is the turned page and there is no need to re-read it again and again.

3. After all, change cardinally the life: replace a hairstyle, number of mobile. Take a vacation at work and go to have a rest to some exotic country where long ago dreamed to visit. If this option does not suit you for one reason or another, then walk simply more or practice yoga (speak, perfectly helps). Try to exclude at least for a while from the life all things which cast grief and melancholy: melodramas, sad music, etc. Try to think positively, white light did not agree on it a wedge. Look around: as this world how many at you ahead of interesting meetings and surprising opening is wonderful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team