How to learn to attract attention of men

How to learn to attract attention of men

Attention from an opposite sex - the key to success of the woman. Some with ease manage to attract attention and that is important, to hook, remain in memory.

It is pleasant to any girl when men pay attention to her. Even the most usual compliment, for example, ""You look good"", will provide mood for all day. How to attract attention, at the same time without using the special efforts and without being imposed?

Actually, it is very simple. Any hidden aces in a sleeve.

The first what it is necessary to pay attention to. This how you smell. It is not about personal hygiene, about it each girl, undoubtedly has to care, and for what spirits you prefer. According to many researches, the man it is crazy about sweet spirits. They want to be closer to the girl to feel this aroma. As showed the conducted researches in this sphere, the opposite sex attracts a sweet smell as there is a feeling that it is possible to eat, enjoy, feel pleasure.

Do not tell all life for one evening spent together at all. The guy will lose interest. It is necessary to you? There is a thin side which should be considered. That your innuendo, can seem it desire to hide unpleasant information on itself. To avoid this situation, it is necessary to be interested about his life, hobbies, a hobby and other.

To guys as well as girls, the attention and interest in their person is pleasant.

Kind of it is difficult was, but this action works for all power. You leave when there is a culmination of a conversation, kisses and so on. Yes, it will be difficult, but what result waits for you. The guy will not want to release you, but you will leave. And he will already wait for the next meeting.

Smile, but you remember about fresh breath. The smile disarms!

And, of course, about what you should not forget even in everyday life. It is appearance. It does not mean that you have to be always dressed as if are going to restaurant. No way. Guys love when the girl is different, it is interesting to it how she will behave in different situations as will look since morning and other. You walk in clean and tidy clothes.

 Also you remember, the male attracts self-confidence in women. Behave suitably.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team