How to organize a funeral

How to organize a funeral

Death is a natural process, it occurs in life of each person once. And then relatives are going to follow correctly the person to the grave. It is possible to organize a funeral differently, but it is important not to forget some things.

If the person died suddenly, it is important to prepare everything for burial within 2 days. Therefore those who do not fall into hysterics and are capable to think quietly begin to be engaged in the organization usually, it is necessary to forget nothing.

What to do if the death occurred

If the person died at home, urgently call an ambulance. At once you do not say that he died. It can be a deep faint or a coma. In this case the arrived crew will hold a number of events for resuscitation, and there is a small probability everything to correct. If it did not help, the doctor verifies death.

Employees of medical care will call the militia for survey. Their conclusion is important that at the place there was no crime. And then the body will be taken away in a morgue. Only in small settlements it can be left in the house as nearby there is no place of storage of the dead. With this reference it is necessary to go to office of the REGISTRY OFFICE behind the certificate of death. In parallel it is necessary to ring round acquaintances and relatives, to notify about the incident. In the same time it is necessary to appoint date of a funeral that persons interested could arrive and say goodbye.

Organization of a funeral

Burial and commemoration can be done independently, and it is possible to address to salon of funeral services. The company will undertake all necessary preparations. If you decided to cope, then the sequence of actions is as follows: Call a morgue, specify date when it is possible to take away a body. Ask what needs to be brought. Usually clothes, footwear are required. And also the coffin and attributes of burial provided by religion of the dead. Decide on way of farewell: cremation or burial. Usually follow the last will. If burial is chosen that look for the cemetery. Call, learn the cost of the place and additional services. If everything arranges, sign the contract. In it specify date of farewell, by this time will prepare a grave. Get all necessary for burial: coffin, wreaths. Order transport for transportation deceased, and also those who are going to say goodbye. In day of burial take away a body from a morgue. Sometimes the dead is brought to the house, sometimes say goodbye on other place. Choose as it is more convenient. Notify on it all family and acquaintances. In advance order a commemoration. Today many cafes offer such service if it is necessary to save, address to dining rooms. Usually the menu is offered by the organization, it is possible to make some corrections. Specify time when people approach for a meal. But it is possible to organize a commemoration and at home if the number of people not big.

Day of a funeral

If you made everything correctly in advance, problems should not arise. But make a call to a morgue in the morning, and also by that who has to bring the dead. Specify what everything be all right. Make sure thatMake sure that transport will arrive in time that there is all necessary. At this stage to be necessary only control, all the rest will not be important any more. Do not forget to take demulcent. It can be necessary for relatives, to someone can be very heavy. It is also possible to take with itself nasal kerchiefs, they will be appropriate.

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