How to send away the impudent guy

How to send away the impudent guy

Many people consider impudence quite merit and begin to apply it practically in all spheres including in personal relations. The well-known expression says ""love cannot be ordered"". However some young people are sure that they are quite capable to break this stereotype. And for certain each girl at least once faced the man who, having forgotten about rules of politeness and etiquette, tries to strike up acquaintance, a loutish image, without paying attention to refusals of the girl. How should the girl arrive in this situation to get rid of the impudent guy?


1. As a rule, such guys find the victim in public places, such as shopping center, park and so on. In similar places rather big congestion of the people. Therefore if you do not manage to get rid of society of the impudent guy, just try to merge with crowd. If it does not help and business is absolutely bad, try to ask for the help people around, having told that for you the unclear guy communicated and wants something from you. In case you do not want to entangle that in this situation of strangers can tell the guy that if he does not leave you alone, you cry at all street. You can even begin to realize the threat. In this case the guy, most likely, will take you for the madwoman and will leave. However you after all will achieve the, and he will leave you alone.

2. Some young people are not limited to a simple conversation and use touches. Of course, in response to blooming of hands it is possible to use force and to use fists. However guarantees that it will stop the man no. He can become even more aggressive and will try to put you mutilations. Therefore if the squirt lets loose hands, it is necessary to depart sharply from him and confident tone to warn him that you ask for the help law enforcement agencies now. Besides you can threaten it again that you will lift shout.

3. If you do not want to contact the impudent guy at all and to get with him into some dispute and to swear, then, as soon as it approaches you, at once pick up phone. Begin to pretend as if you dial number and then as if you speak with someone. For example, ""Hi, Sash. Approach, please, here, to me some guy became attached and does not lag behind". Or you can not pretend, and really call someone from acquaintances. As a rule, this method is effective and effective. But you remember that there are also such young people whom it will not frighten off at all, and then you should think up something else.

4. Sometimes the best method to get rid of society of such man - it is simple not to pay attention to it. For example, he met you on the street, overtook you and goes nearby. Just put on earphones, call the girlfriend and so on. Generally, do everything to show it that it for you does not exist. After all, will bother it that do not pay attention to it, and it will lag behind.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team